Is your website built to generate customers, or is it just the result of a bunch of random tactics thrown together? Could you improve the copy? The call to action? The design?

Why most websites fall short. (And how to avoid being one of them .. )

The fastest way to grow your revenue isn’t to increase traffic. The fastest way is to convert more of the traffic you’re already getting.

If you’re currently relying on a collection of your best guesses a lack of clarity may already be costing you a great deal.

But the solution is a lot simpler than you may think ..

Even though we consider ourselves to be rational and open to choice, we don‘t make rational purchases or lifestyle decisions and we don’t want choice.

People like certainty.




Definitive answers.

Options are great, but make them few or we get confused or lose interest and leave.

And this is backed by science ..

Psychologists have known for a long, long time that the whole concept of choice is actually very burdensome and even oppressive to most people.

Take Barry Schwartz’s book, The Paradox of Choice.

His research supports the fact that people hate too many choices.

Psychologists refer to this feeling of discomfort as “choice overload” (it’s also sometimes referred to as over choice).

Because every time we make a decision, it takes up some energy.

When human beings are exposed to excessive choices, they simply shut down, feel overwhelmed and don’t respond a lot.

The problem is that:

  1. Your homepage may lead them to your website services page.
  2. Which may lead them to the about page.
  3. Which may lead them to a blog post.
  4. Which may lead them to the gallery section.
  5. Which may lead them thinking about something else entirely ..

Instead of sending them to a place where they can make one clear decision, most businesses think let’s give our clients loads of ways to make loads of vague decisions.

The end result:

Choice costs you money.

Here, everything happens for a reason.

  1. Every Ad.
  2. Every Post.
  3. Every Link.
  4. Every Page.

It’s all part of a marketing system that gives people ONE choice at ONE particular time with NO extraneous distractions.

And the leaner and less *superfluous your website and customer journey the better.

Because less really, really is more, especially on a mobile interface.

But to win, you also have to be super cunning.

You see,

The cleverly designed sales event should only strike when you know a customer has a very real intention and DESIRE to buy within the sales/design process itself.

I call this next bit of the puzzel “sweet spot targeting”.

See, the majority of businesses (their designers and copywriters too) try to take customers from “how you doin?” to “let’s have children” in the blink of an eye.

No pleasantries.

No introductions.

No chit chat, no rapport building.

No empathising, courting, wooing.

Not even the hint of a brand story being told (never mind sold).

The result:

A clumsy fumble of a website pitch that puts people off for life.

But here’s the thing:

Wherever and however you can,

You should aim to build relationships online in the same way that you build relationships in the real world.

Yes, there are restrictions.

But people still buy people.

Stories still rule the online campfires of the world.

Relationships are still two way.

Much of the Art of Sales is devoted to the value of waiting, waiting and waiting for the right moment to strike.

Which is why you have to share value upfront, a strategy I gleaned from Jay Abrahams, a strategy based on preeminence.

In a nutshell: this is strategy that makes a point of giving a sh*t.

Because if you show you care right from the off ..

Your customers care.

And it's a good lesson to learn.


Because caring opens the rickety old gate to a wonderful world called ..


And if a customer feels they can trust you because you keep giving them something awesome and of real value upfront, they start a real journey with you.

Which is just a way of using learning, segmentation and automation to control the end-to-end user experience.

e.g., "the visitor starts from A and feels compelled to end up at B.

The distance between A and B, is:

What value shall I provide them, how do we serve them better, how do we advise them about a problem and how can we make them reach the right decision that's in their OWN best interest.

And purpose runs through a web design’s DNA in the following way:

Awareness > Interest > Desire > Action


(Yep, for I’m talking about that old chestnut.)

If you can carefully map out these checkpoints — as they align with your compelling brand story — you’ll help build a closer business relationship (and with that, make more sales.)

Something that isn’t achieved by forcing people to a blunt but highly usable web page talking about how great your are.

If you make the decision to cultivate the customer journey and your lost website visitors when they turn into buying mode, who are they going to be ready to do business with?

And this is one area where your marketing automation has to be perfect.

Which is why there’s a saying in marketing: “The fortune is in the follow up.

Make sense?

Let's change the dynamic in the next post ..

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In the following post I'll share my ultimate “how to” SEO guide.

Getting your website found and ranked on Google ..

Yours for those blockbuster breakthroughs,


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