How to tempt back your web site visitors who didn’t make a call.

97% of visitors who come to your website aren’t even ready to buy. (I mean, like seriously!)

Iknow. — All that hard work. All that care and attention. After all that effort crafting your website, just a few in every 100 newbies sailing by actually drop anchor.

But here’s something you need to know before you roll up your digital sleeves:

Know, Like and Trust

The trick is not aiming for immediate Road to Damascus “Sales”.

Unless your brand is fully established — in which case people are usually sold on you before they arrive — your goal is to establish the kind of two-way rapport that warms up newbies into best pals.

And from best pals who like to hang out, into customers.

Let’s put that in two points:

  • #1 – Your aim is to make friends.
  • #2 - Then get your friends to visit again, and again, and again until they become customers.

Ok, you get that.

Now, there’s a saying in marketing:

“The fortune is in the follow up.”

And companies who want to reach their full potential, and outsmart competitors understand the importance of maintaining a permanent presence in the lives of clients in which the follow up keeps on giving until the customer gives back.

But to do that, you have to ‘follow’ your customers and be in all the places they frequent.

Which brings me to ‘The Marketing Rule of 7’.

This sage marketing law states that a prospect needs to “hear” your message at least 7 times before raw newbies begin to soften up into friends and finally take action to buy your services.

Google even suggests it could be as high as 11!

Whatever the real figure, this is of course all based on something obvious: Trust.

Know, Like and Trust

In order for someone new to trust you, they have to think that because you’re in all the right places, other people must trust you too.

Now just to prove this point,

I want to share with you an amazing story.

Something to this day I’ll never forget.

Meet ‘Whisky the Formidable Fox.’

Whiskey, The Formidable Fox

Every Monday morning, I head off for a cobweb blowing walk around Greenwich cemetery –

Yep, I know that kinda sounds creepy but I do get to enjoy a stellar view of the city.

Whiskey, The Formidable Fox

And believe me, seeing lots of gravestones first thing is a great motivator to getting things done.

Greenwich Cemetery

Now if you know anything about foxes, they’re a timid bunch.

As soon as you spot you one — if they clock you — they’re off like a bullet.

But after seeing me a few times, this one fox started to get used to my presence.

Know, Like and Trust

Of course he still kept a wary distance.

He’s a fox right?

But it got me thinking about the Marketing Rule of 7.

What if I decided hit the cemetery circuit 7 days a week?

Would it earn me some trust with my new friend?

I decided to give it a shot.

A few weeks went by and zip.

Other than a prolonged stare in my general direction ..

Know, Like and Trust

He just went about his day.

Know, Like and Trust

So I kinda concluded that foxes didn't buy into the “rule of 7’

But as I was about to give up using my marketing skills — with a fox — one day something amazing happened ..

It was an experience I’ll never forget ...

The takeaway here of course is obvious.

What we see everyday begins to become the everyday.

Become non threatening.

Even reassuringly familiar.

And as a brand, that’s your goal.

Forget trying to take customers from “how you doin?” to “let’s have children” in the blink of an eye.

Focus on the pleasantries.

On chit chat and rapport building.

On empathising, courting, wooing.

Focus on telling a brand story that sells itself.

In other words, build relationships online in the same way that you build relationships in the real world.

And remember, people buy from people.

Words still sell things.

And relationships are two way.

Every interaction you have with your potential clients, however minuscule, provides a golden opportunity for you to get to know them — and vice versa.

But how can we use it?

Let's say someone visits your website but doesn't contact you.

Normally you’d lose them, right?

But let’s place them in what’s known as a lost website visitor audience.

And then hit these folks up with follow up Ads on Social Media.

(But not quite the type of annoying Ads you’ll probably be thinking ..)

So after they visit your website, and the next time they’re scrolling through their Facebook or Instagram feed you can re-engage with them with a mini series of sequential social media posts delivered over a period of time.

And every-time they encounter you on social media, guess what?

You’ve just ticked off one more memorable moment (of 7 or 11).

But it doesn't quite end there ..

Even if they don't visit your site, but they do interact with your posts on social media, they’ll be placed into that audience too.

And if you want to get really adventurous, coupled with smart email and messenger tactics, you can build more memorable content-driven moments than your competitors could even wish for.

And stumbling on your website just once won’t deliver that.

It's just not designed to.

Finally, we’re coming to the best bit ..

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A “bad” marketing strategy will fail at all the above, rapidly burn through your marketing budget, and provide little return on investment.

A "good" marketing strategy will help you find new clients, help them see the world through a “better” lens, then quickly turn those prospects into new appointments.
Stephen Shaw. Founder of An Artful Science.
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