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Arthur Rimbaud (the visionary upstart poet who became a gun runner) once said, ‘One must be absolutely modern’. In other words, repeating the past is too easy. Instead;

Be the new thing ...

Content Marketing Case Study

The first experiment of my new digital marketing formula in action was A Web Designer’s Guide to Typography.

In the introduction, I summarised the historical backdrop to web typography in more depth. Emphasised its pre-eminent value in helping to create mobile-friendly sites that are readable and engaging.

Typography First

And then in step 1, I showcased some of the reader persona research tools I used to create the guide itself as well as shape my future client work.

Fingers crossed, I then put it out there, and the results were astounding.

Going viral

Reaching out to niche publications the guide rippled through the social community and generated over 4.4k New Users from various channels compared to the previous day.

In fact, the website to-date has been shared by industry experts and received grateful endorsements from design enthusiasts around the world.

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