Coming soon: "The Secret Pocket Of People". Initial release 50 copies.

New book reveals how to create an army of very influential, very vocal, and oh so uber-loyal brand admirers.

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Let’s do things differently.

The idea is simple:If you’re a master of something — anything — the more detailed the information you share about it, the more people will respect, engage, link back to, share — and, ultimately want to buy — what you do.

Wow @anartfulscience — great copy in your mini bio. Following you just for that! Nice #copywriting — tight!
Stephen! What you sent is awesome! This is exactly what I was looking for. I am eagerly waiting to see the next tranche of material.
Oh darling… what a treat it’s been stumbling into your world. All the chills. I’m just wondering, do you teach any courses? Or is it just your 1:1 services? Warmest wishes, Nelle :)


Step 1:

Prepare for "Influencer Greatness"

How to find the most informative, high-ranking posts written by influential people in your niche.

Step 2:

Lay the groundwork to "Spread The Word"

How to reveal "The Secret Pocket Of People" most likely to scream and shout about your brand. (The answer of course, is not your customers.)

Step 3:

"Influence Your Influencers"

How to transform your blog into a stunningly engaging, eminently shareable, page 1 promotional feast.

Back in November 2014, with a burgeoning client list for my web design skills, I had a kind of revelation ..

Case Studies:

Selling Experience

How I increased my website traffic by +218,450% (without paid ads). — True Story.

Pulling back the curtains on the world’s most successful online brands

How Elise Bauer generated $14M worth of organic traffic. (For $0!)

Superstars aren’t born, they’re forged by the light of other superstars

How Jamie Oliver created uncontested market space in an overcrowed market – using plain old common sense.

Selling Experience

The framework also includes:

  1. Downloadable digital PDF with process documentation so you know you’re doing it just right and worksheets to keep you organised.
  2. Video guides to make your website even more readable, usable, shareable, & loveable.
  3. Private online access to quick start tutorials and customer research tools to identify the enthusiasts that have a proven track record of engaging with your kind of brand.
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Client reviews.

Who is this book for?

  1. People who care about solving real problems in unique and interesting ways.
  2. Coaches, consultants and industry specialists that want to scale their impact.
  3. Advertising agencies looking to write better website copy — and get more people to read it.
  4. Marketing managers looking to improve their website to maximise customer relevancy and competitive distinctiveness.

Who this is not for:

  1. People not serious about investing to grow their business.
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When do I get the book and access to the videos?

The book is emailed to you right after checkout, so you can get started right away without having to wait. The video series is emailed over a few days to avoid overloading you with information.

Do you do discounts for non-profits, educational institutions, and students?

Yes! Get in touch with us at [email protected] with your credentials (non-profit status or student ID) and we will arrange a discount for you.

Can I get a receipt?

Totally! After making a purchase, we will automatically email you a receipt for your records.

"I'm not sure if I have time to read another book right now."

It's written to be read quickly. You also have access to a private section of my website that briefly summarises the processes, provides quick links to research tools, and references the book chapters for more in-depth reading. I promise that after reading this book for an hour, it'll be well worth your time.

"There are so many marketing books out there, I'm not sure if this one is worth the investment."

It's not just theory or filler; it's jam-packed with practical, doable tactics that deliver genuine outcomes and is backed by a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. In other words, there's virtually no danger in giving it a shot and seeing what a difference it may make for you or your company.

"I'm not sure if I agree with this approach to marketing."

This book is not about trying to convince you to do things a certain way. It's about showing you the key strategies as they relate to proven case studies that have helped ridiculously successful people grow their online businesses. You don't have to agree with every single thing in the book to get value out of it.

"I'm not sure if I can afford to invest in another marketing resource right now."

What's the cost of not investing in yourself and your business? Trust me, this book is worth every penny. It's taken me 4 years to make sense of it all and document it. What's the cost of 4 years of your life worth? To sum up, I wish I had this book 4 years ago.

"I'm not sure if I need another marketing book. I already have a lot of resources on my shelf."

Sometimes, it's the one special resource you haven't tried yet that can make all the difference.

What makes An Artful Science so different?

I believe that great digital marketing is like a great movie ..

Think of the first time you saw Citizen Kane. 2001: A Space Odyssey or Badlands.

Why did these movies change you and cinema?

Is it because the filmmakers — Welles, Kubrick and Malick respectively — were or still are supremely talented, highly creative artists?


It was because each and every one of them knew the golden rules of cinema so well that they could allow their art to bend those rules just enough to move us and the profession into new territory.

In other words, only by knowing the rules could they rewrite them.

And by rewriting the rules, their work stands head and shoulders above the competition.

I believe that great digital marketers — like all artists — pull off the same rule rewriting trick.

Your business goal (that is, making money) is intimately tied to how well your brand can empathise with the needs of your customers. How are you going to move someone to pull out their debit card every time if you don’t wrap up your marketing copy in water tight logic with killer emotional intent?

With a deep understanding of all the essential component parts — the content which is your (dialogue), the brand (which are the actors), and the clients (also know as the audience) — great digital marketers deliver a knockout Rocky-esque digital marketing experience.

One that keeps bums on seats long enough for their clients to tell their story from start to finish.

For almost twenty years, I’ve mastered — web design, buyer personas and sales funnels.

In other words:

I know the where the new rules (and rule breakers) come from. And I like to count myself as one of those digital marketing auteurs.

Stephen Shaw

Ostii Ananda

I LOVE your website and how you create! The fonts, the colours, the white (sand) space, your copy, your images.

The entire package! — And the philosophy.

Seriously, you should be head of design for the entire world wide web :)! 
Ostii AnandaOstii Ananda.
Founder & CEO, Flowji

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coming soon: "The Secret Pocket Of People"

It looks like magic when you see it. They make it seem so easy. They conquer the markets; they draw people into their orbit and they wow audiences with incredible market feats. You wonder how they do it ..

Initial release 50 copies only. Offer works on a first come, first served basis. Check your email for the invite!

¶ You're data is in safe hands. See my Privacy Policy for more information. All my emails include an unsubscribe link. By submitting this form you are giving me consent to send you my guides and learning material.

Initial release 50 copies only.