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I think you’ll agree with me that to get a shedload of traffic (and with it Google first page global domination) you need 2 things:

  1. Primo backlinks from closely related top quality sites in your niche
  2. And jaw-droppingly influential endorsements from the diva influencers in your niche

That’s exactly what I’m going to teach you right now.

The key is all about getting inside the mind of your ‘Golden Prospect’ and building ideas around what they’re already linking too or engaging with.

In short:

You need a rockstar influencer, link building and content promotion strategy that guarantees your website is a number 1 smash. An influencer, link building and content promotion strategy that even turns you into an influencer in your own right.

Backed by a real-world case study, in this practical guide I’ll show you a deep dive into the first key step of my “3Ps to Traffic & Transactions”:

Foundation First
  1. Laser-target the superhero influencers in your niche that have the superpower to turbocharge your performance on search and social
  2. Discover the top performing topics that you can use in your content marketing strategy to magically transform you into a gravity-defying influencer
  3. Follow my 6 steps to maximise every valuable insight to realise the full potential.
As an added bonus, I’ll also reveal how to optimise titles (or headlines) which can increase search & social traffic by 50%!
  1. Optimise titles for Click-Through-Rate (CTR)
  2. The tool I use for writing impactful headlines
  3. 1000 keywords that can help to raise a person’s interest in a specific message.

Let’s get backlinking and influencing.

For the purpose of this guide let’s say you’re the owner of a Pizza Restaurant; let’s call you Tufnel’s Pizza,

Now let’s imagine your new website:

It’s engaged on Social Media (44k shares), performs on YouTube (4,998,003 views, 2.8m subscribers, 37,120 likes), it ensures you’ve answered all your customer’s questions and ranks for over 1000 organic keywords.


Well, not if you plan for it.

Tufnel’s Pizza, (Our Pizza goes to 11).

The Challenge;

  1. There are a lot of hungry surfers who haven’t made up their mind about the type of food or menu they’d prefer so it’s key you’re being mentioned on Social.
  2. You’re competing against several larger and more established nationwide businesses and they’re dominating Google’s first page results so it’s critical you’re working towards being seen as an option on Search.

The Problem:

If you have a half-filled restaurant or if during the holiday season your takeaway orders are down by 25%, or worse yet it’s even been lost to competitive initiatives it’s all going to affect your bottom line.

It gets worse:

Website backlinks are the key ingredient to help our thriving business compete in Google and like most commercial results the Local Pizza restaurant type searches are mainly stuffed choc full of competitors so you simply won’t get a link or mention from any of them.

The Solution;

Ask yourself this:

What type of visitors will most likely to provide us with a Pizza link or share my content? Critics, journalists, travel guides, food and restaurant bloggers, recipe searchers?

And what type of content are they writing about and engaging with? How-to’s, tips, Q & A’s, go-to guides, recommendations?

Most successful Online Entrepreneurs share one thing in common, they create engaging content squarely aimed at the people that have the power to link.Stephen Shaw · Share on Twitter

By clearly identifying the people that have the power to link & share (The Linkerati), and by defining specific concerns you can take the competitive initiative when planning to create a successful online business.

So here at Tufnel’s Pizza we’re first going to start with understanding some popular customer questions.

Step 1: Apply These Secret Techniques To Improve Your Influencer Discovery

Let’s get cooking!

Head over to Soolve enter a few seed-keywords like: “pizza”, “food” or “restaurant”.

Soolve is a free tool that pulls auto-complete suggestions from a handful of different sources and as soon as you start typing, you’ll see some instant suggestions from companies like Google, Amazon, Wikipedia and YouTube.

The great thing about Soolve is that we’re presented a list of options from a variety of sources.

A few popular topics for our Pizza business could be;

  1. best pizza
  2. pizza dough
  3. pizza recipe
  4. pizza toppings
  5. pizza sauce
  6. pizza homemade

Searching for suggestions

To further expand our keyword list start searching again using 2 keyword combinations, for example “pizza sauce” and you’ll notice Google starts recommending us some highly searched for suggestions.

In our example I chose “pizza sauce recipe”

Great keyword ideas using Social Media

If you’re still having trouble brainstorming keywords, you can get some great ideas using social media. Enter a word in the search box below, in our example “Pizza” and click the “Go to hashtag” button.

This will give you a list of popular hashtags commonly associated with your initial keyword. Just start noodling around making a note of related keyword combinations that you could use.

With a little digging I was able combine “pizza cooking gluten free”, “cook vegan pizza” & “easy pizza recipes” & “summer pizza” from the hashtags #eating #food #recipe #cooking. All returning lots of Influencer results and revealing some inspiring topics for our own material.

Finding Influencers

As the top results in Google are high-quality websites that our Influencers contribute to, (which is why they’re on the first page in the first place), we’d just start searching using our keywords, for example “pizza sauce”

Notice that instead of seeing a vast list of competitors you’re seeing lots of high-quality lifestyle sites or blogs demonstrating that they have passion writing articles about Restaurants, Good Food or All things Pizza!

Congrats, we’ve hit the influencer jackpot!

Make a list of about 10-20 high-quality helpful articles about your topic.

Note: Supercharge your Click-Through-Rate by writing Impactful Headlines available exclusively to my private newsletter subscribers. I’ll email it over instantly.

Why the Linkerati Beats Peanut Butter on Pancakes

Now we’ve some inspiring article ideas, it’s time to investigate the Linkerati (the people linking to our Influencers.)

Remember they’re ranking for a good reason!

Scrape Similar is a very simple data mining Chrome extension for facilitating your research when you need to get all the Google Search results into Spreadsheet. From here you can mark them off as you review the list in Google Docs.

Once you’ve a good list, it’s time to look for the Linkerati that “link to” the high-quality sites or articles we’ve just discovered.

You see:

If they already link to the sites in your niche, the people that run these sites are already susceptible to link and share your type of content, and they’re already making an impact on the results of the sites they’re currently endorsing.

Make sense?

To discover the Linkerati, you’ll need to use a backlink service.

There are no free options unfortunately, and all require a monthly subscription. At the time of writing the good ones such as Ahrefs & Moz was $99pm, and Magestic £39.99.


For this demo I’ve recently discovered a quick alternative that lets you try out a few tests and lays out the best 1000 results in an easy to view manner so for this demo it’ll do the job.

Step 2: If You Read One Article About The Tufnel Technique Read this One

Once you have a list of Linkerati sites you now need to use what I call the The Tufnel Technique, to understand what other type of content you could create and how to optimise it to maximise the potential.

If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.Isaac Newton · Share on Twitter

Your silver bullet!

This is your silver bullet behind a successful content publishing strategy, as you’re discovering content that’s already proven to attract links, is based on a very engaged social topic, and answers popular user questions.

For some industries, YouTube is also a goldmine for content research. For example by clicking on the “pizza dough recipe italian” in the YouTube results, we’ve uncovered us some great Influencer topics. Further more by simply filtering by “View Count” you can see the most popular.

So for Tufnels pizzas we could create a series of “how-to” YouTube videos or an article on “How to make Homemade Pizza From Scratch”.

Seize the initiative

To date Laura Vitale’s “Pizza from scratch” video has received over 4 million views, which are a real testament to her success, so by basing our work on a topic that’s already proven to work on YouTube we’ve seized an initiative in our marketing strategy.

Featured snippets in Google search

When a user asks a question in Google Search, they sometimes show a special featured snippet block. If Google recognises that a query asks a question, they detect pages that answer the user’s question and display the top result as a featured snippet in the results.

With your audience queries in mind, brainstorm content ideas based on a popular question(s) that your site could support. As we’ve already discovered the Linkerati links to “pizza sauce” recipes so most of the topics would resonate with their interests.

For example, we could improve on our “homemade pizza idea” guide by answering several popular questions like calories, toppings, timings or focus on a walkthrough style article answering one specific question in great detail such as “How to make original Italian pizza sauce?” Or “How do you make Pizza dough?”.

Expanded Results Example

  • How do you make a homemade pizza?
  • ↪ How long does it take to bake pizza?
  • ↪ ↪ What temperature to cook a pizza?
  • ↪ ↪ ↪ Can you use self-raising flour to make pizza dough?
  • ↪ ↪ ↪ ↪ How do you make a pizza base?
  • ↪ ↪ ↪ ↪ ↪ How do you get pizza dough to rise?

The secret weapon here is that it keeps expanding new questions based on the previous. Just keep expanding each closely related question until you’ve a complete list of queries that could be the basis for a Table of Contents, or even a FAQ.

Finally analyse what content performs best on Social Media

Ninja Outreach provides content performance analysis that we can use to find highly-shared topics. As usual it’s not free but offers a 30-day trial and was the cheapest content analysis solution on review.

More importantly for us, it returns live performance statistics about how well each piece of content performs on Social as well as see the individuals who share it. After logging in click on the “Content Prospecting” tab, exclude & “Company” and enter your chosen topic.

In our example we’d search for “How to make Homemade Pizza From Scratch” and filtered by “Facebook Shares”. Here we can see Jamie Oliver’s guide tops the list on Social Media.


The results returned the best performing articles from each blog.

And the best part:

Looking at the most engaged content, Jamie Olivers post on “How to make pizza from scratch” has received over 17k Facebook shares.

Planning the recipe for success & the importance of going to 11

Read every single article that ranks on the first page, view every video and check out the most socially-engaged content.

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.Abraham Lincoln · Share on Twitter

Step 3: Optimising For Impression And Engagement Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Now you’ve a list of sites with the power to link, and you’ve also some great proven content ideals on how to seduce them so it’s time to start thinking of weaving this into your own idea and optimising for both impression and engagement.

What’s the bottom line?

Maximise every valuable insight to realise the full potential

Foundation First
  1. Find a popular, proven topic (Impression Asset) for your Promotion.
  2. Improve upon existing ideas until the cumulative adds up to the revolutionary.
  3. Include “Share & Subscriber Triggers” in your content.
  4. Promote your content to your list of enthusiasts or bloggers (the Linkerati) that cover your niche.
  5. Use content upgrades like the one below & keep working on your conversion rate optimisation.
  6. Keep your users engaged, invent an engagement cycle, invent a tunnel and plan for the outcome. (Sign up below for an example)

Writing Impactful Headlines & improving your Click-Through-Rate

If you want to learn how you can write super Impactful Headlines & improve the CTR then just subscribe to the newsletter and I’ll email it straight over.

This is what I’ll send you;

  1. Techniques to improve Click-Through-Rate (CTR)
  2. Using a title tag generator for great headline ideas
  3. The tool I use for writing & testing impactful headlines
  4. The 1000 keyword dictionary to raise a person’s interest in a specific message.
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