Call it black magic. Call it psuedo-science. Call it whatever you want to call it. It just works, and you’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t give it a shot. Win The Strategy Of Time™. How some of the best marketers Motivate, Persuade and Influence more people to buy what you do ..

Have you ever noticed that in really good movies the good guy and the bad guy always want the same thing?

Someone’s affection.

A shiny trophy.

A better tomorrow.

In a galaxy not so far far away, the same is true in business.

You and your big bad nemesis – your competitor – trade crunching body blows with roundhouse ads and uppercut blog posts and jab like tweets and haymaker ‘definitive’ guides for the same prize.

It’s as simple and brutally Rockyesque as that.

Some days you’re on top of the world.

Some days you’re scrambling to get up off the ropes.

Others you just stand there huffing and puffing while a chicken races around your feet.

But the thing is, without the fight, no one would be in the fight.

Because without conflict and drama and setbacks, winning wouldn’t feel much of anything at all.

And we all LOVE to win.

Conversion rate optimisation

Think about that: we actually LOVE to win.

We don’t like winning.

We don’t think winning is just okay.

We LOVE to win, because winning isn't easy.

So the question I’m asking is this:

How do you stay on top?

How do you reach and resonate and keep reaching and keep resonating with your target audience in an ever over crowded market?

And if you dare to move up a division or two, what’s the secret magical gut-punching ingredient that gives your brand a shot at the title time and again?

Now let’s see that pioneering new customer conversion framework in action ..

It's called the Motivate, Persuade and Influence Workshop (or M·P·I Method™ for short).

Rather than relying on generic data or guesswork to determine buyer wants, unlock new sources of growth by understanding your buyer’s goals and how you can address them.

It's a learn-by-doing, done-with-you, Audience & Offer Masterclass with a content creation sprint.

In other words, I'll teach and personally work with you to implement a hyper-focused, lean version of our M·P·I Customer Conversion Framework.

This is in the trenches, where the rubber meets the road, get stuff done work, connecting the dots from beginning to end to pull your prospects forward step by step.

Motivate, Persuade and Influence

All these insights will help you create a rich profile of your customer so you can master your content calendar and know what to publish on your website, emails, sales presentations and Ads in order to get the highest return on your time and effort.

  1. If you publish regularly on your blog or social media — it's the best strategy where ALL your time and effort becomes the most profitable.
  2. If you pay for advertising — it's the most important part of the equation to ensure you get your investment back to build your brand bigger and faster than ever.
  3. If you struggle to compete in a crowded market — it's the one secret method that puts clear blue ocean between you and your competitors.

Zsuzsanna Pataki

I had sweated over my sales page for weeks on end, not knowing how to make it work.

I kept at it until it grew into a novel: (you know the one), the kind that makes people click away, confused, fast. — Quite the opposite of what I intended it to actually do .. (Sell)

Stephen had a quick read and boiled down my wordy monster into a sales page that actually worked as a conversion page.

Mystery solved :)

Clients can now quickly see the benefits of what I offer, the value that I bring, and know exactly how to get started.

And what a formula! — I can’t believe it took me so long to ask him. — I feel like a boulder has just been rolled off me, and so relieved to get back to the work I love.

I whole heartily recommend Stephen Shaw to anyone who struggles in this crazy online world, especially when it comes to presenting their offers in a way that reads well, looks right, but more importantly, SELLS!

If you're reading this on his website, don’t just click that button, call and ask him.

Your struggle is over. 
Zsuzsanna PatakiZsuzsanna Pataki
Portrait Artist

As a specialist, you have the opportunity to make a huge impact in the lives of so many people. You owe it to yourself and to your clients to become a master at enrolling clients.

Get help with your marketing and sales presentation skills so you master it.

  • Step 1: The new approach to Customer Research

    “Solve The Mystery Of Why People Buy” Rather than relying on guesswork to determine buyer wants — Unlock new sources of growth by influencing the 3 primeval reasons why we buy.

  • Step 2: universal laws of Customer Profiling

    “Leveraging Buyer Intent” How the marketing pro’s use state-of-the-art customer profiling to “reverse engineer” the desires of any given market and channel that desire into an offer back to them. — This really is the secret sauce.

  • Step 3: The #1 mistake to avoid when creating customer journeys

    “Logical vs Psychological” The master secret to get more people to say yes by aligning your solutions to customer problems that deliver the outcomes they desire most. The extent to which you solve 2 problems in the mind of your prospect will determine the value you’re creating.

  • Step 4: Stop your readers cold with a unique value proposition

    “The Process/Mechanism Principle”. If the headline fails, marketing fails. The surprising new approach to increase sales or sign ups with a “Headline Hook” that piques curiosity and makes a promise that no other company is able to fulfill.

  • Step 5: How to reignite your competitive advantage

    Selling Your “Thing” Just Got Easy™. With the “Headline Hook” in place, you need a remarkable process to deliver on the promise. Demonstrate why you’re the best choice with the exclusivity of a “One-Of-A-Kind Signature Solution™”

  • Step 6: Apply a systematic approach to differentiate your brand

    “Meaningful Differentiation.” How some of the best Advertisers use “The 4 Degrees Of Newness” to turn an ordinary service idea into a compelling marketing idea that captivates your prospects both intellectually and emotionally.

  • Step 7: What we learned from 20 years of Content Marketing

    “The 5 Levels Of Customer Awareness.” For people who want to write — but struggle to get started. Build your brand bigger and faster than ever with a lean, momentum-generating awareness, engagement, and conversion engine.

  • Step 8: Powerful ways to create winning sales offers

    Hate selling? You're not alone. “Proceed With 2 Options” — Generate real demand for your expertise with an incomparable line up of offers and unbeatable guarantees that no one can say no to. And the best part, you’ll see better website conversions when you do.

  • Step 9: Why elite marketeers use sales funnels

    Become A “Hidden Persuader”. Turn anonymous users into eager readers then engaged readers into shiny happy customers then loyal customers into avid evangelisers. It’s the centrepiece where your marketing itself becomes the most profitable.

Mark Howarth

Stephen has provided a service of the highest standard.

I’ve worked with designers, web developers and sales funnel experts for many years and it’s rare that someone possesses all three of the skills needed in equal measure.

Stephen is an expert in each area.

He has completed four projects so far — all of which have been on time, to budget and representing brilliant value for money — showing a high level of care and dedication.

Stephen continues to work with me now on a number of clients.

It’s rare I write a reference this glowing but I wholly recommend him without any reservation.! 
Mark HowarthMark Howarth.
Founder & Director, MCH London

“The idea is that when you do this, you’ll get to the point where the advertising itself is profitable … and you’re essentially getting paid to build your brand.”

But you can’t do it without the right digital marketing strategy.

  • Your Ideal Client Avatar. Customer Research/Profiling Framework

    One customer profile to ‘zero in’ on the wants, needs and desires of your market much BETTER than anyone else in order to craft the perfect angle to be the most magnetic to them.

    We’ll identify their pain points and critical purchase drivers to prioritize what copy angles to maximise on.

  • Your Signature Solution™

    One world-class visual representation of your unique business process. This process is what makes your service much more believable and tangible.

    We’ll demonstrate why you’re the best choice with the exclusivity of a “One-Of-A-Kind Signature Solution™”

  • Your Content Marketing Strategy

    This essentially is your end-to-end content marketing guide. To begin with we’ll have 40 content ideas connecting the dots from awareness to action.

    Generating new content ideas using “The 5 Levels Of Customer Awareness” is literally endless. — The idea is we'll blog our way to ‘paid for’ book. The secret to getting paid to build your brand with Advertising.

  • Your Lead Generator

    This is how we'll draw people into your ecosystem. It’s a new case study framework specifically designed to engage your audience, by making the customer, not the product or service, the hero, helping the readers put themselves in the shoes of the featured customer.

  • Your Sales Offer / Products & Services Package

    Our goal is to think of as many ways to combine different elements as to provide value. Every offer has building blocks, so we’ll define the pieces that when combined will make your offer more irresistible.

  • Your Sales Funnel Plan

    This is your end-to-end customer journey mapped out in exquisite detail from gaining awareness of your brand, to receiving a “thank you for your purchase”.

    It demonstrates a birds eye view of your content marketing strategy, email relationship building series, online sales strategy and the key landing pages — illustrating how they all connect together.

  • Your Signature Sales Presentation

    This is the culmination of the majority of our work to show your prospects what makes your products and services unique from all their other options.

    It’s a digital presentation that demystifies your One-Of-A-Kind Signature Solution™, clarifies the offers, deals with sales objections, removes any risks with unbeatable guarantees and concludes with a low resistance offer to get started.

    Essentially, it’s your final playbook.

    This can be used as a standalone presentation, repurposed to a pdf or VSL. We'll be using it as a goto reference for writing future emails, landing pages and Ads.

  • The framework also includes blueprints to create:

    Sales/Offer pages

    Relationship-building email series

    Blog pages

    Case Study pages

    Brand Story / About page

    Social Media posts

    Comparison posts

    Brand videos

    Employee spotlights

    Day in the life documentaries

But wait, there’s more!

For a short period of time, we’re also offering ..

  • The Homepage Persuasion Blueprint™

    If strangers don’t get it in 15 seconds, then you have a lot of work to do. See, people don’t always have the time to discover the BEST offer. They usually buy the thing that they can understand the FASTEST. Get your point across faster by cross referencing these 4 simple questions.

  • The Marketing Survival Playbook™

    The little-known method that inspires 2 predictable actions: buying your great products or services and sharing your great ideas. A 60 page website promotion guide covering how to get your website seen by the people that really matter, regardless of whether they've been looking or not.

    The playbook also includes a content marketing case study demonstrating how we increased our own website traffic by +218,450%, without paid advertising. (True Story.)

By the end of this marketing strategy sprint you will have created a lean, momentum-generating awareness, engagement, and conversion engine to persuade your potential customers to take action.

So if you're either:

  1. Living in "second-guessing" mode — never knowing what will REALLY move the needle.
  2. Holding back because you don’t know how to deliver the most impact to get the highest return on your time and effort.
  3. Not knowing how to plan something that's sharable, clickable, rankable and knocks your potential customers off their feet ..

Let me help you change all that with a revolutionary new battle plan that actually works.

Stephen Shaw

Yours for those blockbuster breakthroughs,

Founder of An Artful Science®
Author of the M·P·I Conversion Method™

Jon Blakeney

An Artful Science has helped us for the last five years and has been responsible for transforming our web based sales. Their knowledge of web design and digital marketing has proved invaluable.jon-blakeneyJon Blakeney. Co Owner, I-AM

Motivate, Persuade and InfluenceNew case study unlocked

Currently the average 'cost per click' in Google or Facebook is anywhere between £2-5. (Now keep that cost in your head.)

The 4° Of Newness™ — How I increased my website traffic by +218,450% (without paid ads).

M·P·I Method™ / How To Increase Your Website Conversion
I Believe


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What you are about to see is decades of marketing experience, distilled into a highly potent format.

Side effects to this new method may include: an unfair advantage, a sense of achievement, people liking you and want to buy what you're selling.

Know what to write on your website, emails, sales presentations, and ads in order to get the highest return on your time and effort.

Here's a fraction of what you'll learn ..

  1. The "master secret" to revolutionise your services into a Napoleonic Offer™ that no one can say no to.
  2. Why using "The 3 Universal Laws Of Persuasion" is the key to building a brand that your ideal clients will love.
  3. Create a clear blue ocean between you and your competitors with a lean, momentum-generating awareness, engagement, and conversion engine.

The idea is that when you do this, you'll get to the point where advertising itself is profitable .. You're essentially getting paid to build your brand.

An Artful Science has helped us for the last five years and has been responsible for transforming our web based sales. Their knowledge of web design and digital marketing has proved invaluable.Jon Blakeney, Director | I-AM London

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