Great sites are like great movies. They break rules. They knock your emotional socks off. But great web design takes great skill.

If you believe Gladwell, it takes 10,000 hours to be a Jedi master of anything. And as your site isn’t the only show in town, you have to put bums on seats first.

Which is where the artful science part comes in ..

Websites Vs Marketing Systems

My guess is, you’ve made it to this point for 1 of 3 reasons:

  1. You hired “experts” to build your website, but you're disappointed with slow leads and sales.
  2. You struggle finding new clients or generating lots of local website traffic.
  3. You know your business has more potential than your bottom line would indicate.

So, here’s how this goes:

You help people overcome their challenges to achieve personal, business or lifestyle goals. I help you excel in digital marketing and create sales funnels to reach a lot more of them.

Frequently Asked Questions (Traffic)

↓ How does targeting clients by location work?

Location targeting helps you focus your advertising on the areas where you’ll find the right customers, and restrict it in areas where you won’t.

Your ads will appear in the places of interest or post code location of your choosing optimised for keywords used to find your services.

↓ How does targeting magazine audiences work?

Why spend a ton on untrackable print advertising, when you can reach the same audience digitally at a significantly reduced cost.

For example, if you was an interior designer theirs a reason why you’d want an article in a niche related magazine like Tatler, or to have a mention in the FT How To Spend It, or to be somehow endorsed by Chanel.

Now imagine promoting your services to all those avid readers who are interested in or follow all 3 of them.

And you can’t do that with print advertising.

↓ Can we really target competitor website audiences?

Yes. We can target your top competitors and put you in-front of their website traffic with a small video clip to showcase why your company is the better choice or create a value proposition that they simply don’t address.

↓ How does targeting Influencer audiences work?

Suppose you want to reach high net worth individuals with your products or services.

Think about: Who they follow? Who are the authority figures or thought leaders? What magazines or blogs do they read?

By choosing content they are already actively — and positively — engaging with you can place your award-winning presentation in-front of this audience fitting their preferences and tastes.

↓ How does targeting “near me” locations work?

If you run a local business, advertising on local search is a powerful way to attract nearby clients.

When people search for nearby businesses on or Google Maps (for example, “interior designers near me”), they get to see you and your business location.

↓ How does targeting my customer lists work?

Not getting much response from your email or customer list?

Let’s try a different strategy.

Whether it be your existing customers, a list of recent prospects, or any list you want ... you can appear all over social media to ALL those on that list.

↓ How does targeting “lookalike” audiences work?

A lookalike audience is a group of people who have similar qualities to those in a source audience.

It could be an email list, a customer list or even a list based on your previous website visitors.

That’s a whole new audience ready for you to convert. Sounds great, right?

↓ How does targeting clients at events work?

Did you last networking event flop? Before you shell out on yet another enormous “Pick me!” banner .. Here’s what you need to be doing:

Location based Digital Marketing.

Instead of wasting time and money like everyone else trying to get their offline attention during the bustling event.

The smart trick is to capture EVERYONE in that location, and then target them on Social Media during, but more importantly .. after the event.

And that’s what Location Based Digital Marketing does.

BTW. How expensive is exhibiting again?

↓ How can I get more visitors using content marketing?

Authorities spark conversations. They change things. But not always by saying something new. Or even insightful.

Their content — stripped down — might not be that ground-breakingly different to yours – but they always find a way of making it look and sound fresh and novel, entertaining or educational, and above all eminently sharable.

And if you don’t have the time and you want someone with the expertise and experience of researching, formatting and writing high-quality blog content optimised for Google, you now know where to turn.

↓ Why do I need link building to improve my ranking?

Your content marketing or blogging strategy lives or dies with its promotion.

No promotion = nobody sees your article = no backlinks = no ranking = no sales.

As many marketers who come from a search background know, inbound links from quality, relevant (niche related) sites is one of the best ways to get more visitors and improve ranking.

So we’ll carry out a content promotion and link building campaign to do just that.

↓ How can I get found locally and what are citations?

Are you finding it hard to appear in the local search results? Having a strong citation profile is one of the simplest ways you can optimise for local SEO.

A local citation is any mention of your business on the web; it is any combination of your company name, phone number, address, zip or postal code, and website address.

By simply adding more citations to your business you can improve your chances of being discovered on Google maps and local organic search.

Frequently Asked Questions (Sales Funnels)

↓ What’s a marketing funnel and why do I need one?

According to Marketo, companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales ready leads at a 33% lower cost.

Marketing funnels are designed to take each stage of the process from traffic attraction, lead conversion and sales conversion.

The New Way: The Only Viable Solution

E.g., “the visitor starts from A and feels compelled to end up at B. If you can carefully map out all these checkpoints along the customer journey — you’ll help build a closer business relationship (and with that, make more sales.)

We’ll make a plan to truly automate your marketing taking them from A (Pain) to B (Your Solution) so you can stop manually hustling for clients/customers.

↓ What’s a “transitional call to action”?

The perfect recipe for a stressful and sleepless night is a missed business opportunity.

And it’s reasonable to say not every visitor is going to click your “contact us” button, also known as your “direct call to action.”

The goal of your “transitional call to action” is to maximise the number of targeted leads you're getting and then prime them ready for your offer.

Sales funnels

Put simply it's a key new business asset that gives you the opportunity to deepen the relationship first, and pitch you as the only viable solution.

↓ How can I get more sales leads with email automation?

Your email list is your biggest asset.

Email Automation is tech that empowers marketers to drive more leads, close more sales and optimise their ROI.

We’ll plan a 7 step “automated” email campaign breaking down the benefits of what you do, how you do it better than anyone else and then let email automation, subscriber segmentation and engagement tracking do the heavy lifting so you can get back to doing what you love doing best.

↓ How can FB messenger help to grow my business?

Marketing automation doesn’t need be a big expense. It can be a killer revenue generator.

It’s no supernatural secret that Facebook Messenger is changing the way we communicate and advertise.

With 80% open rates and 25% CTR, Messenger beats every other channel for engaging leads hands down.

↓ How can I bring back my lost website visitors?

How many first time visitors on ‘average’ go on to buy your services? Just over half? One in three?

How about just… 2%.

And that’s because despite all the research we do, we rarely make the final decision on the first hit.

Think if it like cultivating and building potential client audiences that you can target with your value and offers.

Customer relationship marketing

So the next time they’re scrolling through their Facebook or Instagram feed you can re-engage with them with helpful posts or pictures taken from case studies or portfolio of work, keeping you top of mind during the decision making process.

↓ How can I turn visitors into booked appointments?

I’m sure you’d agree, booked appointments are significantly better than missed calls.

One of the most difficult things for a prospective client is trying to get hold of the right person when you could be in a meeting, working onsite or the office is closed.

Once integrated into your site it allows potential clients to book a meetings, consultations or appointments directly into everybody’s calendar avoiding the back-and-forth of emails.

Frequently Asked Questions (Setup)

↓ Is there a contract?

There is no contract, however, we encourage everyone to stick on for at least 3 months to start seeing results.

You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time.

Unlike most agencies who typically charge per service by the hour, we’re able to offer everything you need to drive your local business (ads, designs, landing pages, ad management and strategy) for one flat monthly fee.

↓ How long does it take to start seeing results?

It usually takes just 14-21 days to get some of the traffic campaigns live, so you will typically start to see traffic flocking to your website or engaging with your content within the first few weeks.

↓ Can I automate my entire business in 1 month?

We believe The Opportunity Accelerator brings the most value to you and your company if you evaluate your progress over a 3 month period.

↓ Can I scale any of the traffic campaigns?

Yes, paid traffic campaigns can be incrementally increased by £250pm for more reach and visitors.

↓ How much is it?

Book in a 20-minute call to find out if this is right for your business.

On the call we’ll quickly do 3 things:

  • Thing #1: I’ll answer any questions you have, and ask a few myself.
  • Thing #2: We’ll discuss a handful of marketing strategies to generate more sales leads. One thing I’ve discovered in every business I’ve looked under the hood of is that there are *ALWAYS* a handful of overlooked traffic and conversion opportunities for growth. And it usually takes a fresh set of eyes to identify and point them out.
  • Thing #3: I’ll show you exactly what it would look like to work with me.

Only then, (and if you like what you hear), can we move forward.

And if you don’t, that’s fine too.

You can still have access to the case study video and keep my 75 page digital marketing ebook.

If you’re happy, I’m happy.

So with that said,

Call me.

Email me.

Message me on Facebook.

Ping me like a submarine if you like.

But let’s start funneling people along that yellow brick road.

The Opportunity Accelerator Roadmap™ Client Acquisition Framework

The 3-step digital marketing system for getting potential clients on sales calls, who are already sold on you and your message.

  1. A “bad” marketing strategy will fail at all the above, rapidly burn through your marketing budget, and provide little return on investment.
  2. A "good" marketing strategy will help you find new clients, help them see the world through a “better” lens, then quickly turn those prospects into new appointments.

Why our digital marketing service is unbeatable when compared with the typical agency model ..

Our Model ..

  1. Affordable & transparent pricing.
  2. We design and build your end-to-end lead generation marketing system (traffic campaigns, landing pages, marketing automation, Ad creative) covering every step of the customer journey from the traffic source to pitching your offer.
  3. Zero contracts.

Typical Marketing Agency Model ..

  1. High startup costs, hidden fees & expensive hourly rates (typically £150+).
  2. Traditional service delivery (e.g web design, SEO, maintenance).
  3. Long term contracts.

Now, here’s something you should know about human nature: When your clients are knee-deep in the muddy trenches of the research phase of a potential purchase (your purchase) ...

THEY NEVER buy the first thing that looks great, sounds great and might well be the greatest thing since sliced bread.


Because, like you, they're knee-deep in the muddy trenches of the research phase.

The research pad is open.

The itchy keyword trigger finger is itchy as hell.

And, well, that coffee is still piping hot.

Only when that damn fine cup of coffee is stone cold will they know that the research phase is done.

You’ve done this.

They've done this.

I’ve done this.

We all do this.

And we all will again and again, ad infinitum…

And even if we do happen to draw the irrationally obstinate conclusion that the first thing we chanced upon really was the best option in town, we only feel like we’ve done our research when we really feel like no one on earth could possibly have exhausted all the choices available better than us.

Now, knowing that — tell me this:

Does it make financial sense to spend a fortune being No.1 in Google?

Sure, if your clients searching for you — by definition, NOT in research mode — it’s useful to be found easily.

But research mode implies newbie status.

And newbies want to look at a lot of options in a lot of places before they feel they’ve done their homework.

Which is why a much smarter strategy is not to go all out over the number 1 spot.

In short:

Being the mid-tier contender EVERYWHERE they look is much more cost-effective than hitting Google's No.1.

And that’s because despite all the research we do, we rarely make the final decision on the first result.

Continue to part 2 ...

As a newbie looking to part with our cash, there is a crucial and crucially emotional and instinctive element in our research that after weighing up all the features benefits and costs still needs to be filled:

Know, Like and Trust


Trust is something that only ‘repetitive visibility’ in all the right areas fills nicely.

And that all begins by understanding how your sales process actually works.

For example, one business might want more inbound sales calls.

Another might want more on-site visits.

And another might want a lot more leads coming through from their website.

Whatever the end result is,

My job is to put a lot more people into it.

Then we'll define who your perfect client is ..

Targeting users with content relevant to their position along the buying process yields 72% higher conversion rates.Source: Aberdeen

The number one thing your client wants in making a purchase is to make sure they’re making the right purchase decision.

You have to be careful assuming that others see the world the way that you do.

The closer we plan to get into the mind of your ideal client, the greater the desire they’ll have to do business with you.

So to start any project we need to first profile their core identity and really dial in to their desired outcome.

Using a variety of techniques we’ll uncover the problems, the challenges, what inspires them, persuades them, and ultimately what will magnetically pull them towards your business.

This is a fancy way of saying “we'll figure out exactly what to say so people like you and want to buy from you.”

This research is the process of distilling data into knowledge, knowledge into principles, and principles into actionable wisdom.

The trick is knowing which content your ideal clients are actively - and positively - engaging with and then figuring out the most cost effective route to reach them.

Once you get a bead on these insights, you can then adjust your tactics to enhance your presence in ALL those target-rich areas.

96% of visitors who come to your website aren’t ready to buy (yet).Source: Marketo

Let me start Key No.2 by first asking you a quick question ..

How many first time visitors to an ‘average’ website go on to buy something?

Just over half?

One in three?

How about just 2%.

That’s the average number of potential clients who visit your website or see your shiny happy new social media post and actually do something about it: share it, click on it, buy from it, follow or return to it again and again...

I know.

All those long nights fiddling and refining the content.

Publishing all those photos on social media.

That SEO guy that finally got you on first page on Google. (Well almost.)

Yet after all that time, money and effort.

Still only 2 in every 100 newbies sailing by actually drop anchor long enough to hand over their cash.

Of course, deep down you know it was never gonna be as easy as all that.

Maybe they’re not at the right point yet in the buying cycle or they simply got distracted.

So what did you do wrong?


You just missed out a piece of the marketing puzzle.

Know, Like and Trust

Just over half of us will buy something we’ve been reviewing over an 18 month period.

They might have an issue, but right now it’s highly likely not to be pressing.

Which is why there’s an yee old’ie saying in marketing, “The fortune is in the follow up.”

And you’ve got 2 options:

  1. You can wait and hope they remember your brand and accept a 2% hit rate.
  2. Or you can start Advertising to the 98% in a way that educates them on the benefits of solving their problem — simultaneously trusting your ‘educational’ brand to be the one to do it.

In short: catch their eye with value.

Not in a cloying, superficial and superfluous way, but in a valuable, informative, helpful way.

Do that, you’ll still bag and tag the 2%, but you’ll also begin to wean the 98% into action much, much faster than ever before.

Social Media Retargeting

73% of consumers report feeling frustrated when your content (landing pages, ads, promotions, etc.) that has nothing to do with them.Source: Marketing Blender

The next part of the equation is to get lots of targeted traffic.

Most business owners create paid and organic traffic campaigns that flop ...

Which is why a lot of people give it a shot and then think:

“This is not working for me!” or “I don’t need advertising.”

And of course, you don’t actually need to invest in paid advertising.

But it’s like playing defense.

You're focusing on how much money you can SAVE instead of how much money you can MAKE.

So I’ll put it another way ...

If you wanted to lose weight fast, then you’d probably NEED TO INVEST in joining a gym.

And if you wanted improve your performance and reduce your chance of injury, then you’d probably NEED TO INVEST in a personal trainer.

I think you can see where I’m going here but same goes for advertising your business.

That is fast growth.

And it’s only possible when you are able to use paid advertising to grow with profitability.

The trick is hiring a specialist to advertise your business at a profit.

Stephen has helped us for the last five years and has been responsible for transforming our web based sales. His knowledge of digital marketing has proved invaluable.Jon Blakeney, Group Managing Director | I-AM London
I LOVE your website and how you create! The fonts, the colours, the white (sand) space, your copy, your images. The entire package! And the philosophy. Seriously, you should be head of design for the entire world wide web :)Ostii Ananda, Director | Flowji

The Opportunity Accelerator

You help people overcome their challenges to achieve personal, business or lifestyle goals. I help you excel in digital marketing and create sales funnels to reach a lot more of them. Stephen Shaw. Founder of An Artful Science.


How many first time visitors on ‘average’ go on to buy your services? Just over half? One in three?

How about just… 2%.

And that’s because despite all the research we do, we rarely make the final decision on the first hit. Keep your business in front of your prospects from the day they first search … all the way until they buy.

Is it time to revamp your old website? Are you losing clients to your competitors “on your patch”?

Most business websites are nothing more than fancy brochures. They might be pretty ... (but they don’t sell.) Here’s how we fix that.

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You help people overcome their challenges to achieve personal, business or lifestyle goals. I help you excel in digital marketing and create sales funnels to reach a lot more of them.

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