If this is you: Finding it impossible to get noticed in an over-crowded market (what I call the ‘pick me!’ syndrome);

Stuck with the same old clients with no new open-walleted saviours on the horizon; at a loss to understand why your marketing — so seemingly bang on trend — is being so relentlessly ignored.

I guarantee you that there are 3 simple reasons for your current brand stagnation:

  1. What you’re saying is essentially the same as what everyone else is saying.
  2. Where you’re saying it is where everyone else is saying it.
  3. When your saying it — when in terms of content, delivery and frequency — is the same as everyone else.

And the only way to break this same-old-same-old trap?

Seek out and embrace the new before everyone else ..

And by this I mean be agile enough to embed the latest digital marketing opportunities directly into your business before the herd have even realised that new pastures even exist.

So let’s open up those pastures and go new big client hunting together now ..

The Opportunity Accelerator Roadmap™ Client Acquisition Framework

How do you really compete with people who are better than you?

Maximise the number of targeted leads you’re getting and then prime them ready for your offer.

  1. A “bad” marketing strategy will fail at all the above, rapidly burn through your marketing budget, and provide little return on investment.
  2. A "good" marketing strategy will help you find new clients, help them see the world through a “better” lens, then quickly turn those prospects into new appointments.


That's the average number of potential clients who visit your website or see your shiny happy new social media post and actually do something about it: share it, click on it, buy from it, follow or return to it again and again...

I know.

All those long nights fiddling and refining the content.

Publishing all those photos on social media.

That SEO guy that finally got you on first page on Google. (Well almost.)

Yet after all that time, money and effort.

Still only a few in every 100 newbies sailing by actually drop anchor long enough to hand over their cash.

Of course, deep down you know it was never gonna be as easy as all that.

Maybe they’re not at the right point yet in the buying cycle or they simply got distracted.

So what did you do wrong?


You just missed out a huge piece of the digital marketing puzzle.

Is your marketing scientifically designed to generate new sales leads each month, or is it just the result of a bunch of random tactics thrown together?

Don’t wing it anymore. According to Marketo, companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales ready leads at a 33% lower cost. Take the time to map out the end-to-end customer journey and plan to convert more visitors into booked appointments.

Do you struggle with differentiating your message?

Everything starts with empathy.

How on earth are you going to move someone to pull out their credit card each time if you don’t wrap up water tight logic with killer emotional intent.

You have to go to the deepest, darkest and unnerving parts of your client avatars mind.

If you can nail your "value proposition" AND hit the correct target market, your response rate will skyrocket.

So we'll profile your most profitable clients with sniper-like accuracy to connect more people to your offers and help them better relate to your process. (Niche x Offer x Result x Feedback)

Are you missing out on tons of new business because you don’t know how to research your most lucrative keywords?

Keyword research and analysis is like detective work. Words and phrases — especially research terms — can make or break your lead generation campaigns.

Focus your keyword advertising optimised for questions and uncover the most profitable keywords used to find your services in the areas where you’ll find the right customers, (and restrict it in areas where you won’t.)

Do you know how to appear in local search, on Google maps or get found in “near me” locations?

Learn how to boost your local rankings and get found on Google Maps with citations. Having a strong citation profile is one of the simplest ways you can optimise for local SEO.

Do you struggle connecting with the right individuals to your offers?

The things people “like”, and particularly the publications they read are massive indicators of their demographic bandings, social class and lifestyle preferences — and Psychographic profiling indicates their level of activity in those interests.

Discover how you can reach new prospects that your competition doesn’t know exist by overlapping niche brand and magazine audiences they follow on social media.

Have you recently lost out to a few competitors “on your patch?”

OK, so you’ve got someone to visit your website once. What if you wanted them to visit again, and again, and again?

Ooh, that’s hard, isn’t it? Not really.

Stay “top of mind” during the decision making process and bring back those lost website visitors on social media so you don’t miss out on new business opportunities to your closest rivals.

Are you struggling to get more serious leads from your website?

If you want to generate leads online, then your business needs a Transitional CTA.


The goal of your “transitional call to action” is to maximise the number of targeted leads you’re getting and then prime them ready for your offer.

We'll plan to generate more “warm” sales leads through your site with a simple Transitional CTA strategy.

Have you ever missed a call or forgot to follow up a lead?

Booked appointments are significantly better than missed calls. Get new prospects automatically booked directly into your calendar. Using 24/7 smart call scheduling you'll know what calls to make, quickly filter out all the tire kickers and cut out the back-and-forth of emails.

Are you looking for the ultimate competitive advantage?

When prospects visit your competitors “on average” 98% are still researching all the alternatives.

Target your competitors website traffic to ethically steal their newest prospects. Showcase why your company is the better choice or create a value proposition that they simply don’t address.

How strong is your relationship with your leads and customers?

Your email list is your biggest asset. Email Automation is tech that empowers marketers to drive more leads, close more sales and optimise their ROI.

Automate your email and messenger campaigns to educate them about the benefits of what you do and turn more cold leads into hot prospects.

Are you baffled why your competitors crushing it on Google Search?

As many marketers who come from a search background know, inbound links from quality, relevant (niche related) sites is one of the best ways to get more visitors and improve ranking.

Use diverse link building from quality, relevant (niche related) sites to outrank your competitors and improve your website positioning.

What’s the one thing that your clients were hunting for — that you failed to offer?

How many first time visitors to an ‘average’ website go on to buy something? Just over half? One in three?

How about just .. 2%!

Find out what you’re marketing is missing and how you can attract a lot more clients much earlier in the sales process with Preeminent Marketing.

And that all begins by understanding how your sales process actually works.

For example, one business might want more inbound sales calls.

Another might want more on-site visits.

And another might want a lot more leads coming through from their website.

Whatever the end result is,

My job is to help you build a plan to put a lot more people into it.

Conversion rate optimisation

Then we'll define who your perfect client is.

This is a fancy way of saying “we’ll figure out exactly what to say so people like you and want to buy from you.”

You have to be careful assuming that others see the world the way that you do.

The closer we plan to get into the mind of your ideal client, the greater the desire they’ll have to do business with you.

So to start any project we need to first profile their core identity and really dial in to their desired outcome.

The next part of the equation is to get lots of targeted traffic.

The trick is knowing which content your ideal clients are actively - and positively - engaging with and then figuring out the most cost effective route to reach them.

Once you get a bead on these insights, you can then adjust your tactics to enhance your presence in ALL those target-rich areas.

For example:

We could put Ads in front of potential clients that visit your competitors websites to showcase why your company is the better choice or create a value proposition that they simply don’t address.

Or ‘we’ could target the readers of a magazine in your industry.

Or ‘we’ could focus your advertising optimised for keywords used to find your services in the areas where you’ll find the right customers, and restrict it in areas where you won’t.

Or ‘we’ could even run a campaign to bring all your lost website or social media visitors back into your business ..

That way, they constantly see what you have to offer. (That last part is where most people drop the ball.)

And you’ve got 2 options (which I'll run through) ..

So if generating more “sales ready” leads into your business sounds like something you’d be interested in ..

Here's how to get started ..

Yours for those blockbuster breakthroughs,

Founder of An Artful Science®

Stephen has helped us for the last five years and has been responsible for transforming our web based sales. His knowledge of digital marketing has proved invaluable.Jon Blakeney, Group Managing Director | I-AM London
I LOVE your website and how you create! The fonts, the colours, the white (sand) space, your copy, your images. The entire package! And the philosophy. Seriously, you should be head of design for the entire world wide web :)Ostii Ananda, Director | Flowji

The Opportunity Accelerator

You help people overcome their challenges, to reach personal, lifestyle or business goals. We help you excel in digital marketing to reach a lot more of them. Stephen Shaw. Founder of An Artful Science.


How do you really compete with people who are better than you?

Is it time to revamp your old website?

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You help people overcome their challenges, to reach personal, lifestyle or business goals. We help you excel in digital marketing to reach a lot more of them.

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