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We're all competing. Italian restaurant versus Italian restaurant. Phone versus phone. Blog post versus blog post.

But how do you really compete with people who are better than you?

Eisenhower once said: “Plans are worthless, but planning is everything.” His inference was that — in his case planning for war — when war starts, most plans often go out the window pretty fast — but going into battle without a plan at all was not an option.

Ok, so you’re not in charge of liberating a continent I’m sure, but your business needs a serious marketing plan — one that can also adapt when ‘war’ breaks out.

So my guess is, you’re probably here for one of three reasons:

  1. You struggle generating the “right type” of traffic or having enough people seeing your offers.
  2. You've got a great looking website, but you're disappointed with slow leads and sales.
  3. You know your business has more potential than your bottom line would indicate.

So let’s start out by assessing the 5 (out of 9) typical aims of your new battle plan:

  1. Getting more of the “right” people seeing your offers to grow your company.
  2. Finding new innovative ways to boost your revenue by converting more clients.
  3. Generating more targeted sales leads than your enemy.
  4. Appearing in all the right places where they look for solutions to their problems.
  5. Keeping your business in front of them when they first look ... all the way until they buy.

Makes sense?

Conversion rate optimisation

But noble strategic ambitions need the tactical nitty-gritty too.

You have to know and be ready to refine your marketing pitch as you enter into the trenches.

Which in turn means finding out which cunning strategy outflanks your closest competitors and what campaign will outrank them.

You need a sales funnel to ensure you don’t get out-flanked yourself or lose any of the new business now in your cross-hairs ..

And you need the right kind of battle-tested marketing automation to maximise the amount of targeted leads you’re getting, laser-targeted personalisation to make you much more relevant, SAS SEO, benchmarking and a whole lot more besides.

And then you need to know your customers, social media followers, influencers, Swiss-style Google judges, and just as crucially, your enemy so well that you can anticipate — and counter — their every move.

In short,

Planning is a blueprint for action — and reaction.

Planning offers 9 clearly defined steps of actionable recommendations for the longevity of your business in the years to come ..

And in this new ebook I’ll share 5 of them ..

Your business goal (making money) is intimately tied to how well your brand can EMPATHISE with both the financial and emotional needs and motivations of your customers.

And it makes sense.

How are you going to pull the “right” type of people into your business if you don’t wrap up your marketing copy in water tight logic with killer emotional intent?

Question is:

Can you really generate more sales enquiries, website conversions or appointments based on an empathetic understanding of the feelings and emotions of your potential clients — most of whom you’ll never meet in person?

The answer is yes!

But where do you begin?

You simply have to diagnose the wants, needs and desires of your market much BETTER than anyone else and then craft the perfect angle(s) to be the most magnetic to them in your advertising.

So let’s start with Step 1, your all-important propaganda message or call-to-arms.

To better help explain this new Magnetic Marketing™ process, lemme tell you a quick story…

Back in 1786, Napoleon’s enemies had put a bounty on his head.

On the run, fleeing capture, he came across a village.

He urgently knocked on the door of a house and begged,

Please, I beg you – have mercy and hide me! People are running after me, and if discovered I will surely be killed!

The resident, a Jewish tailor, was compassionate and instructed Napoleon to hide under his bed, which was quite thick and stuffed with goose feathers.

Not a moment had passed from when Napoleon had hidden when some scary looking men burst into the house.

Is anyone hiding here, Jew?
No, the Jew replied. Is there something wrong?

The soldiers went through the house of the poor tailor, searching every nook and cranny and ransacking everything, to see if in fact their prey was hiding there.

After searching through the kitchen, they went into the tailor’s bedroom.

All the clothes were dumped on the floor, as were all the clothes the tailor was in the middle of sewing.

For good measure, they punctured the featherbeds and pillows several times with their bayonets to make sure no one was hiding underneath.

Fortunately for Napoleon, the beds were quite thick, and he stayed quiet without making a sound, and was unharmed. Grousing at losing their catch and their bounty, they moved onto the next house.

After the men left, Napoleon, drenched in sweat from his close encounter with death, came out from his hiding place.

He told the Jew:

I am the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, and I thank you for saving my life. As a reward for saving me, you can ask me anything, and if it is in my power, I will grant it to you.

The tailor thought and said,

Glorious emperor, I’m an old man. I make a decent living and have a roof over my head. My children all live happily and I have no need for money... so with your permission I’d like to ask you something strange ..

To continue reading ..

» Get my ebook «

Here’s what I’ll cover:

  1. To get more of the “right” people seeing your offers we’ll first profile your ideal or most profitable client. Ideal Client Avatar™. Nail their motivations: clarify their problem, need or desire to become the most magnetic in your advertising.
  2. To boost your revenue we’ll plan to automate your marketing: taking them from A (Problem, Need, Desire) to B (Your Solution to their Problem, Need, Desire)
  3. To maximise the amount of targeted leads you’re getting help them out with a 2 Step Transitional call-to-action to those problems, needs or desires.
  4. To help you get found first on search we’ll appear in all the right places where they look for solutions to their problems, needs or desires.
  5. Finally, we’ll talk about the best part of this whole thing, Opportunity .. To outpace your competitors, we’ll stay “top of mind” during the decision making process and appear from the day they first search ... all they way until they buy.
  • Install marketing widget 1 (To turn more visitors into booked appointments.)
  • Install marketing widget 2 (To reveal why your visitors aren’t converting into customers to ensure you don’t miss out on any of the business.)

And I like to call this your “Magnetic Marketing Solution™”.

Stephen has helped us for the last five years and has been responsible for transforming our web based sales. His knowledge of digital design and web marketing has proved invaluable.Jon Blakeney, Absolute
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You help people overcome their challenges, to reach personal, lifestyle or business goals. We help you excel in digital marketing to reach a lot more of them.

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We’re all competing. But how do you really compete with people who are better than you?

  1. Get more of the “right” people seeing your offers.
  2. Plug into the kind of marketing automation tech that converts leads painlessly.
  3. Outpace your competitors by staying “top of mind” during the decision making process.

When you follow the workflow included in this new ebook the traditional approach to “magic-bullet” digital marketing solutions soon become irrelevant.

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