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Foundation First

Responsive design must come as standard

How does your website look on your best friend’s phone? Or your daughter’s tablet? Can’t read the text? Impossible to navigate? Messy? Frustrating?

These days, your new customer’s will probably first encounter your brand this way.

Existing customers too will probably be looking to buy from you on a mobile or tablet rather than on their laptop. The former will think you’re a Frankensite and run away; the latter will think you’re struggling and check out the competition.

These days responsive website design – designing your website to be consistently accessible on every device – is vital from the word go. I can help you do this —   follow @anartfulscience

My formula in less than 160 characters

5 steps to turning you — and your online brand — into a levitating, industry–defining Yoda.

Foundation First

Wordpress: CMS integration that integrates both ways

Creating a content management system (CMS) that enables you to quickly disseminate your new stuff or refresh old stuff is easy.

But to get there, you have to get three things spot on:

  1. First, you need to refine customer engagement: improve what is working with your current CMS to keep them engaged – and drop what is making customers drop off the site. If you haven’t got a CMS, then you need to analyse what your competitors already know works and avoid adopting things they have ironed out.
  2. Second, you need to customise a CMS system that has proven itself as a robust and scaleable solution. For this reason, I use Wordpress. It works on millions of websites from small brands to blue chips.
  3. Third, you need to be in control. Which means you need an administration panel that has been designed as much for you in mind (to edit and publish) as the front end is for your customers (to search and purchase).

Great ecommerce: It’s all about bringing your products to life

It’s a shop worn truism that people are more likely to buy something that they can touch.

They are also more likely to pay more.

Ecommerce is about recreating – as much as is possible – the physical sensory-filled shopping experience online.

Take the Apple Watch.

Big glossy close up pictures. Videos showing people like you wearing the different versions. The aim is simple: to picture yourself wearing it. To approximate as close as possible the physical and emotional experience of trying on the watch in an Apple store.

Ok, you’re not Apple.

But bringing products to life is not something only the world’s richest brand can afford to do. And whether you’re a startup crafting organic candles or a blue chip selling jet engines, the same principles of great ecommerce apply.

I’ve created countless online stores.

For customers selling storage space. Tee-shirts. Even designer furniture. Each client is different, but each client wants to sell as much stuff as they can. And they want a tailored website and customised shopping experience that is as secure, dependable –and mobile responsive – as it is focused on bringing their products to life.

SEO: Your website and the search engines kissing in a tree

You may not like it – and you may not have the time or appetite to learn, which is why I’m here! – but it’s not enough to build a great site:

You need to build a great relationship with the search engines.

I can provide you with a customised Search Engine strategy. Improve your position in searches and improve your online presence and capture more traffic.

Foundation First

I will help you plan and implement a full range of innovative online marketing strategies to help drive more traffic to your site.

Performance: Ditching what doesn’t work and enriching what does

We measure performance for two reasons:

  1. To cut back on the areas that are underperforming and save money.
  2. And to identify and improve the performance of the areas that are over performing.

Converting more new customers - without spending more money.

I use best practice analytics and sophisticated tools to help you measure everything: which are your most lucrative keywords or landing pages and which are your best social media and email marketing campaigns – as well as which are lame ducks.

I monitor ranking fluctuations, conversions and goals, even track repeat visitors.

I then work with you to enhance those online achievements (and winnow out the failures) to meet your ultimate long-term business goals.

The overall strategy: Planning for success

Now you need to wrap this up into your businesses online marketing strategy and plan for success.

This starts with research.

If you’ve got a website that needs redeveloping, analysing the user experience (UX) - the sum total of how people experience your website from content to design, speed to functionality - is vital. As is factoring in your SEO placement and what the competition is up to – or might be getting up to - in the near future.

If you’re a startup, your strategy is similarly informed.

Finding out from prospective users what they like from competitor sites is a great way to understand their needs. I can then design wireframes and prototypes that we can test to ensure the new design works as expected and there are no hidden usability issues.

Of course, it goes without saying that every business is different.

But big or small, the DNA of great design is universal and taking time doing this kind of detective work always pays off in the long run because you are getting all the essential genetic building blocks right from the beginning.

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I’ve seen the future:

If you want to generate traffic to your site, you need to create distinctive, credible, beneficial and extraordinary content that directly appeals to influencers within your niche. — Keep your users close, but your influencers closer

Stephen Shaw, An Artful Science (follow @anartfulscience)
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I’ve been a fully paid up Godin disciple since the first IdeaVirus gave me nappy rash. Online marketing guru Neil Patel is someone to admire in action. SEO gurus like Cyrus Shepard; search engine algorithm analysts like David Harry; or link master builders like Brian Dean get my vote too.

But what makes me follow them? Sign up to their blogs? Read their newsletters? Apply their ideas in my work?

Two reasons:

  • Other people follow and link to their sites (like I just did) because they are experts in their fields
  • They have a lot of high-value stuff to say and not just on their services but about the work of their peers/rivals and the future of their respective industries

In short, they are tribe-leading authorities. And I’m not alone in loving them for it: search engines adore authorities too. So how do you bag some of that authority aura for yourself?

Find out about my 5 steps to turning you — and your brand — into a levitating, industry-defining Yoda.

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