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If you like to ask, ‘What’s really going wrong?’ or ‘How do we get there from here?’ we’ll get along just fine.

If you don’t want to hear the truth about your site and why it’s drowning rather than raving, then keep walking.

I’m not to-the-point because I’ve got a point to prove or wasn’t allowed sugar on my Sugar Puffs.

I like to get to the point and speak plainly because butt-kissing doesn’t help blue-chips, start-ups, or design agencies leave their competitors kissing dust ...

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3 things I believe in

  1. Good design and even better SEO consulting entails rigorous data analysis, research, education and testing.
  2. The c word: Collaboration, working with you to align online marketing efforts with business strategies.
  3. Just as having a diverse workforce raises your human capital, a diverse approach to online marketing helps to soundly establish your brand capital.

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