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Great design is not great art. Great art is self-sufficient, open to interpretation. Great design tells a story: your brand’s story. It takes your customers by the hand and leads them down the primrose path to connect with what you do and say. Purpose runs through web design’s DNA.

Mobile responsive. Powered by analytics. Brimming with SEO friendly content.Web design is also about taking risks. Aiming for the sweet spot between what your visitors expect while continuously looking to surprise, provoke or delight them. That’s where An Artful Science sits.

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Still reading? Ok, this is where I sit.

 As someone who has seen design evolve from its Web 1.0 swamp. Who has spent over fifteen years working in startups and running design agencies. Who now works freelance to help startups ensure they avoid expensive mistakes and agencies get some outsourced design guru gun for hire right when they need it.

Cut me open and you’ll find my DNA – Design Not Art - is a rainbow of many parts.

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