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Pricing Strategies

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Do you choke when it comes to giving your expertise a price point or value?

It’s a big deal, I totally get it.

If your first thought is “what will the market bear” let’s take a quick step back. Here’s the good news - I think you’re putting the apple cart before the horse and that’s an easy fix.

Look at the value of what you’re providing

When pricing any business like your freelance work, coaching or services you want to look at the value of what you’re providing first and foremost.

Step 1: Start by identifying one of your success stories.

Think of a client who was really struggling when they met you and have since then gotten great results from your work.

If you have no clients yet don’t sweat it! Think about your life, I know you’ve been helping people with your expertise for a long time know … you just haven’t been paid for it yet! Now pick someone you’ve helped with your unique gift and how their life, health or business improved after supporting and working with them.

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Something really important here that I don’t want you to miss… pick ONE person, not a group of people. You need to get really specific for this exercise to support your high ticket offers!

Step 2: Write down all of the results

Next, step 2 is to sit down with your pen and paper, or keyboard, and write down all of the results that client received as a outcome of working with you. You want to list their exact results here.

For example:

  1. * lost 70 pounds with my nutrition program
  2. * doubled her income after integrating my SEO strategies
  3. * is enjoying a better relationship with his children from participating in my parent coaching

Now we’re ready for Step 3, you’re going to list the transformations that happened for this client as a result of those results.

Let’s break this down a bit.

  1. If your client Increased there Unique Visitors by over 50% or Improved the website conversion rate by 20%, did the business turnover improve because of it?
  2. What are those transformations worth?

It’s vital you tap into these big life changes your client experienced so you can see the full picture of how your work has changed their life.

Step 4, Imagine what the cost would have been to that client had they not accepted your offer.

In most cases, this is where the true value of your offer is revealed. For instance, you might look at the countless hours a client could have spent on trial and error, allowing precious time to roll by while struggling to secure clients and make money.

As you work through this exercise keep it simple, don’t use marketing or industry lingo. Think about the specific words your client used.

Once you complete this exercise you’ll have a clear picture of the real value of your offer and can start to clearly consider your final price point. Be proud, take your well-deserved credit. This is your work and many more people need your help!

And finally, Step 5: Bring vision to the table

These video’s by Derek Halpern, are genius:

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