Are you losing tons of potential business because you don’t know how digital marketing works? A lack of clarity may already be costing you a great deal.

Making Your Marketing Truly Valuable™

If your finding it a challenge to attract new clients or if digital marketing just simply makes your brain hurt discover how the Artful Science Process has helped businesses like yours connect with new clients and eliminate all the confusion.

You’ll get a digital marketing strategy and a proven framework you can follow to dramatically improve your way of thinking.

For a “short period” I’m offering this early release digital marketing strategy guide for FREE.

(Not sure how long I'll keep the guide available at no cost... but while the below link works, it's yours to take it.)

Over 75 pages here's what I'll cover ...

Chapter 1:

If you only focus your marketing strategy on search, you’re only in with a chance when someone goes looking. That means, if no one goes looking you don’t get seen. Here's how to show up in front of highly interested prospects regardless of whether they’ve been looking or not.

Chapter 2:

According to Ahrefs, 90.88% of all pages get zero traffic from Google, and 4.5% of them get less than ten visits per month. Here's how to get your website found and ranked on Google.

Chapter 3:

Is it time to revamp your old website? — Here are my 5 “Do New Always” principles.

Chapter 4:

Why most websites fall short. (And how to avoid being one of them .. )

Chapter 5:

Can potential customers understand why they need your services? Here's how to engage your website visitors with something you know they’ll love to read.

Chapter 6:

It’s reasonable to say not every visitor is going to click your “contact us” button, also known as your “direct call to action.” Learn how to capture leads at a 30-50% by giving your visitors a “less risky” path of doing business with you.

Chapter 7:

What’s the one thing that your clients were hunting for — that you failed to offer?

Chapter 8:

“96% of visitors who come to your website aren’t even ready to buy.” Here's how to ‘follow’ your potential customers and appear in all the places they frequent.

Chapter 9:

This might seem an odd thing to say — The trick of driving traffic to your site is not to aim for sales. (That is, unless your brand is fully established.) And in this chapter we’ll uncover why.

Chapter 10:

C.R.O is the process of increasing the % of website visitors who take a desired action. (And it works much better if you nail down these 2 numbers ..)

Chapter 11:

We are all competing — but what’s the secret magical gut-punching ingredient that gives one brand a shot at the title over another?

Chapter 12:

Redeveloping existing websites is all about maximising performance gains. (But before you dive in, you need to fully understand what you’re working with.)

Chapter 13:

Are you baffled why some of your competitors are crushing it on Social Media? Here’s 4 Titanic reasons why your loosing clients to the competition. (And 4 epic strategies to win them all back ...)

Chapter 14:

True Story — How I increased my website traffic by +218,450% (Without paid advertising!)

SO how do you build a site in 2019 that will last to 2020?

Is it possible to create a compelling website and digital marketing experience that your prospects will actually thank you for, even share with their friends?

The answer is yes!, and the solution is quite simple ...

Make it truly valuable!

Create a site geared around imparting knowledge.

Sharing a winning idea.

Solving a really nagging problem.

Changing someone’s day for the better.

If you want to build something — anything — that will still be relevant and still be sharable and clickable and rankable in 2020, you have to focus on delivering something that deserves to be still be there at number one a year (even two or three years from now).

You know this of course.

You reward those rare websites who really wow you with valuable content with the very stuff that guarantees their currency and longevity: respect.

When you come across a new site that knocks you off your feet, when you recognise a real bona fide authority, your respect for it as a resource.

But doesn’t end there.

Respect is the bedrock of trust — a rare commodity these days.

With respect and trust in place, next comes a sense of obligation to share the treasure with others.

I know, it’s an ego thing: we want other people to ‘like’ us for sharing the really good stuff.

So if you already know it when you see it, why aren’t you going out of your way to build it?

A “bad” marketing strategy will fail at all the above, rapidly burn through your marketing budget, and provide little return on investment.

A "good" marketing strategy will help you find new clients, help them see the world through a “better” lens, then quickly turn those prospects into new appointments.
Stephen Shaw. Founder of An Artful Science.


How many first time visitors on ‘average’ go on to buy your services? Just over half? One in three?

How about just… 2%.

And that’s because despite all the research we do, we rarely make the final decision on the first hit. Keep your business in front of your prospects from the day they first search … all the way until they buy.

Is it time to revamp your old website? Are you losing clients to your competitors “on your patch”?

Most business websites are nothing more than fancy brochures. They might be pretty ... (but they don’t sell.) Here’s how we fix that.

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