Are you losing tons of potential business because you don't know how digital marketing works?

Marketing Secrets Playbook: 10x your traffic, leads and sales

How many potential customers can’t find your services in the sea of noise? Are you tired of writing content that no one reads or even shares on the social web?

If you chase referrals like a bloodhound, be first in and last one standing at every networking event going, bombard the local press and post anything and everything on every social media platform invented — you’ll make it.

After all, that’s what everyone else does, right?

The problem of course is twofold: not only are your chances of standing out naturally reduced by being one voice among the multitude, this approach rarely worked anyway.

And the only way to break this same-old-same-old trap?

Seek out and embrace the new before everyone else.

And by this I mean be agile enough to embed the latest digital marketing opportunities directly into your business before the herd have even realised that new pastures even exist ..

For a “short period” I’m offering this early release Marketing Secrets Playbook for FREE.

(Not sure how long I'll keep the guide available at no cost... but while the below link works .. )

You’ll get a digital marketing strategy and a proven framework you can follow to dramatically improve your way of thinking ..

  1. Most businesses lump marketing into one big bucket. But it really falls into 2 (and here’s how the organic one plays out ..)
  2. How to focus your efforts publishing content that performs best (and get a flood of traffic with Preeminence Marketing™).
  3. How to zero-in on your customers search criteria and find keywords with low SEO difficulty.
  4. How to focus your advertising in the areas where you’ll find the right customers (and restrict it in areas where you won’t.)
  5. How to improve your chances of being discovered on Google maps and the local search results.
  6. How to hyper-target new clients using Facebook Advertising (+ The Magic Overlap).
  7. How to target audiences with a similar profile to your best customers.
  8. How to target all the people that visit a specific location such as an event or large gathering.
  9. How to target your top competitors website traffic and showcase why your company is the better choice.

The Opportunity Accelerator

You help people overcome their challenges, to reach personal, lifestyle or business goals. We help you excel in digital marketing to reach a lot more of them. Stephen Shaw. Founder of An Artful Science.

Are you struggling to get website traffic? Disappointed with slow leads and sales?

Most businesses lump marketing into one big bucket.

But it really falls into 2.

Here’s how to get your offer seen by the people that really matter. (Regardless of whether they’ve been looking or not.)

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