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+218,450% in 1 day

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Calling all Marketing Experts! Backed by a real-world case study, I’ll take you on a deep dive into my most recent website promotion experiment, breakdown the Preeminence Marketing Strategy step-by-step and show you all the tools I used to hit over 4400 new users in a 1 day and 7,955 over 1 week.

Preeminence Marketing™ Case Study

Website Promotion Results:

Preeminence Marketing

Why’s it all so important?

Because it’s a numbers game.

Grabbing attention is getting sooooooo crazy expensive right now.

Consumers are getting wise and the cost of improving those numbers is souring with it.

The rising price of attention

The days of £1-£2 cost-per-click [CPC] leads are wrapping up, soon you’ll looking more towards £8-£9 CPC.

Keep this in mind when reading the case study ...

For the purpose of this experiment lets also just say to generate 7,955 unique visitors a comparison Cost Per Click (CPC) advertising cost would be a conservative £15,910.

Currently the average CPC in Google or Facebook is anywhere between £2-5.

Now keep that cost in your head.

And watch how I can manipulate that number significantly in your favour just by revealing a different strategy called Preeminence Marketing.


Show me ...


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Turning you — and your online brand — into a levitating, industry–defining Yoda.


Preeminence Marketing: Access The Deep Dive Case Study

See exactly how I increased my traffic by +218,450.00% in 1 day, generated 7,955 unique visitors in 1 week and reached over 2000 shares on social media using Preeminence Marketing.

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