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Give your website “LIFE!” Fire up the Tesla Coils Avoid re-creating a Monster Don't work in a dark basement Hire a designer, not a butcher

Let’s say you could travel five years into the future and ask a bunch of your clients to tell you what went wrong with your new website.

What would they say?

  1. Lazy typography.
  2. Mobile averse design.
  3. A uniquely counter-intuitive user experience.

In other words, what you rushed out is … a #Frankensite.


[frang-kuh n-sahyt]

  1. A website whose design is a neck-bolted marvel of inconsistent typography, clichéd imagery, and a ‘style’ that can only be described as lame
  2. A website whose content is so badly written it’s only coherent message is a plea to be put out of its misery
  3. A website that gives Google the #rankenfright and that the Linkerati only – and reluctantly – link to as an example of something gone horribly wrong
  4. A website so hideously unresponsive no amount of tablets could bring it back to life
  5. A website you can’t let go because you have put your heart and soul into it and consider it ‘your baby’

What Victor Frankenstein can teach you about reaching Website Perfection.

  1. Chapter 1: ‘It’s alive! Alive!’.
  2. Chapter 2: The full list of 21 ideas to avoid re-creating a monster.
  3. Chapter 3: Lift the Frankensite curse with EGOR’s top 6 internet marketing secrets.
  4. Chapter 4: Lessons on how to avoid hiring a Frankensite designer.
  5. Chapter 5: How to conduct a monster website audit.
  6. Chapter 6: EGOR’s 99 actionable website questions you should be asking.
  7. Chapter 7: 39 monster things to look out for.
  8. Chapter 8: Frankensteins secret chapter.
Download my ebook

A book dedicated to all #Frankensite owners.

For a short period of time I'm offering this “early release” eBook for FREE, it's a £29 value.

“Look! It’s moving. It’s alive. It’s alive.”

We’ve all seen them ...

And not just the lumbering old dinosaurs that take an age to load and defy any known laws of mobile usability.

Even the New-beast-on-the-block start-up sites can make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up with their ship-it first tinker later immaturity ...

Give your creation “LIFE!”

27 simple, effective, Tesla coil free checklist ideas you can do to bring a Frankensite back from the walking dead or avoid shipping a monster all together.


Grab the full list of ideas (£29 value.)

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A book dedicated to all #Frankensite owners.

What Victor Frankenstein can teach you about reaching Website Perfection. For a short period of time I'm offering this “early release” eBook for FREE, it's a £29 value.

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