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Do New Always

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Believe in ‘doing new always’. You should be next thing; the new thing. Great website strategies bring vision and tell engaging digital stories.

Be next thing; the new thing

People like new. New products. New ways to visualise themselves using those products. New collections that change with the seasons.

Even new ideas.

Human beings are innately curious;

We are drawn to the new because we love to be new ourselves: we want people to know we are up-to-date, on trend, ahead of the curve.

So how do you become the next new thing?

 Do you checkout the competition? Brainstorm ideas to improve the layout? Write some epic new blog post? Hire in a freelancer to re-design that mobile inert, hideously slow and uninspiring rust bucket?

Or just go right back to the drawing board?

Whilst all of these approaches might work, there is a better way by thinking.

A new way of thinking.

Start by planning your user experience and customer engagement strategy first.


Because every customer journey is different.

Foundation First

So taking time doing this kind of detective work always pays off in the long run because you are getting all the essential genetic building blocks right from the beginning.

And …

You have 7 seconds to grab someone's attention.

If politics is all about improving the economy, then the web is all about improving your online brand engagement.

What’s brand engagement?

Attention > Interest > Desire (Decision) > Action = Optimised Brand Engagement

Brand engagement is measured by things like time spent on the site; user journeys; numbers of clicks; information shared like comments on social media or subscriptions; repeat visits; and of course, sales.

But brand engagement isn’t confined to your site.

Further afield, customer engagement overspills to your own industry blogs.

How they evangelise about your brand and send new customers flocking to you is also a measure of the success of your business to create deep and lasting brand engagement.

Using this very same formula I was able to boost my own website traffic by over 4400 new visitors in a single day, and what happened on Social Media just blew me away—and changed the way I approach building website’s forever.

So HOW do you maximise your online brand engagement?

It begins with a small engagement of your own :-)

Discovering lightbulbs

And it’s not all about discovering new lightbulbs.

Of course, in order to pull off what I’m about to share with you - you need to be dedicated to take your attention off your expertise just long enough to put the principles in place and commit to promoting that difference and expertise out into the world.

Take my 7 Lesson Masterclass Web Strategy Course

This website perfection mini series is delivered to you ‘FREE’ by email and begins by articulating your blockbuster brand story.

Contrary to what you might think, your brand story isn’t just about what you do or even how you do it.

Do New Always

Discover the killer strategy behind taking your company from "What’s Next?" to "Eureka!"

Continue …

You’ll also get to preview my secret website re-development and digital marketing formula; Foundation First.

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