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Foundation First is the 7 Step ‘free’ training course that will show you how to plan high-converting websites.

Sites that guarantee to turn anonymous users into eager readers then engaged readers into shiny happy customers then loyal customers into avid evangelisers — every time.

Part 2. Revolutionising Website Redesign Planning

If you’re a marketer or business owner intent on improving your website.

Don’t read this course ...

Memorise it.

This ‘free’ 7 step training course reveals a very powerful formula behind building great websites.

  1. It will change the way you think about website redesigns.
  2. It will change the way you plan your website strategy.
  3. It will make you a far more skilled – and successful – digital marketing specialist.

Even if you’re not a “digital marketing” guru ... yet

Even if you’re not that great at “website planning” ... yet

What you are about to learn is an entirely new approach to a traditional website build.

Although I’ve been studying the craft of website design and digital marketing for 20 years, the idea behind this strategy was hatched in 2014.

Tested between then and now.

And is only now being made available to the public.

Let's look at the basic framework:

  1. Plan to deliver (and eventually over deliver) real value
  2. Launch quickly and test rapidly
Foundation First

Here's what the framework looks like when all the extra bits are added:

  1. Segment an audience with a specific problem or spend time with your tribe and find out what they want.
  2. Put your customer first, not yourself. Attract new leads by making your marketing valuable to them and talk to that one BIG nagging problem.
  3. Prepare to deliver an extraordinary experience. Launch quickly by focussing on 20% of items that will produce 80% of the impact.
  4. What else?

  5. Communicate often. Build Relationships using marketing automation and watch and learn. I use Active Campaign & Mouseflow.
  6. There's always a workaround. Try different messaging and plan for breakthroughs (I like to call it the 5Rs to conversion).
  7. Point 5 is critical.Because you have to test and tweak until you have a winner.

    You water and nurture what is working (continuously), and test elements that aren't (continuously).

    This is how you win ... big.

    We'll cover this in the training.

    What else?

    Stop just trying to sell upfront god damnit.

  8. Become the top source of education in your niche. Establish your business as a preeminent force by planning to surpass all others.
  9. Be somebody. Establish yourself as an Authority and focus on influential people rather than the target market as a whole.

Point 6 & 7 are critical too. How influential you are is not dictated by you.

It’s by your community.

If you educate your prospects and create a real epiphany for them, you can be trusted, they’ll never forget about you, and they’ll tell their friends.

To do this you need a few different strategies, which we’ll get into now.

This above model forms the guts of everything I do online.

And guess what happens?

Your game changes.


You can give yourself a pay raise.

(but patience tiger)

I’m need to "reframe" your perception somewhat and then show you how easy it is to follow a blueprint to allow you to achieve that result ...

And Here’s Exactly How It Works:

Over the course of 7 emails, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about creating a “Website that builds relationships and converts.”


  1. ❶ Discover the secret blueprint to more leads & revenue.

    Email subject line:

    By the way, ‘you're fired’

  2. ❷ How to turn yourself into a website copywriting rock star.

    Email subject line:

    Please don’t screw this part up

  3. ❸ How to inspire, become successful and influential.

    Email subject line:

    You earned a treat, ask yourself ‘Why?’

  4. ❹ How you can create a website that’s DESIGNED to attract more traffic.

    Email subject line:

    Think of your heroes

  5. ❺ How to define the personality/mood of your site.

    Email subject line:

    Rules you can break – once you’ve mastered them

  6. ❻ What separates the goals we achieve from the goals we don’t.

    Email subject line:

    Achieving your desired outcomes

  7. ❼ Steps to make your customers buy again.

    Email subject line:

    What Alec Baldwin’s golden balls can teach you about closing website sales

  8. BONUS 1: (If you qualify) a surprise.

    Email subject line:

    My gift to you

  9. BONUS 2: A free book.

    How to put your message into the hands of the people who need it.

¶ Each lesson ends with great videos, books, apps, resources and “My blog post of the day” expanding on each lesson.

If you learn this strategy — and it can easily be learned — you can expect certain benefits:

  1. You will start producing better performing, more compelling website user experiences.
  2. The results of your efforts will improve and your clients (or employer) will notice.
  3. You will waste almost no time figuring out how to “begin” your next website redesign.
  4. You will gain more leads and more revenue compared with the traditional approach to website planning.
  5. You’ll learn the content strategy that attracts a handful of visitors from the ones that attract 1000s.

And if that weren’t enough,

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