Want more sales leads? Website conversions? Appointments?

1. Quickly get found first on search, 2. Get seen first on social, 3. Maximise the number of leads you’re getting and then prime them ready for your offer.

It’s easy to give up on your marketing.

It can be frustrating. You get an idea. You make a change. But the results stay the same. I’ve been there. More than once.

But, how can you know if you are doing it right?

If your finding it a challenge to attract new clients or if digital marketing just simply makes your brain hurt discover how the Artful Science Process has helped businesses like yours connect with new clients and eliminate all the confusion.

You'll get a digital marketing system and a proven website formula you can follow to dramatically improve your way of thinking.

Book your breakthrough Strategy Session

  1. Using the below booking form enter the top 3 post code locations (or a few geographical areas) you wish to target.
  2. Enter the top 3 keywords that you believe your customers would use to find your products or services.
  3. Enter your target niche. Who is your ideal client/customer?
  4. And finally, if you and I was having a conversation in 12 months from now, what has to happen between now and then in order for you to feel successful with your progress?
Book your strategy session

If your application is approved, on the 20 minute call we’ll quickly do 3 things:

  • Thing #1: I’ll answer any questions you have, and ask a few myself.
  • Thing #2: Based on the above answers, we’ll discuss a handful of marketing strategies to get you to that end destination where you'll feel successful with your progress.
  • Thing #3: I’ll show you exactly what it would look like to work with me.

Only then, (and if you like what you hear), can we move forward.

And if you don’t, that’s fine too.

You can still have access to the new case study video and keep my digital marketing ebook.

If you’re happy, I’m happy.

So if generating more website traffic and “sales ready” leads into your business sounds like something you’d be interested in ..

Call me.

Email me.

Message me on Facebook.

Ping me like a submarine if you like.

But let’s start funneling new clients along that yellow brick road 😎.

Apply here today ..

Yours for those blockbuster breakthroughs,

Founder of An Artful Science®

Traffic Strategies Marketing Funnel Strategies
  1. A “bad” marketing strategy will fail at all the above, rapidly burn through your marketing budget, and provide little return on investment.
  2. A "good" marketing strategy will help you find new clients, help them see the world through a “better” lens, then quickly turn those prospects into new appointments.

Why our digital marketing service is unbeatable when compared with the typical agency model ..

Our Model ..

  1. Affordable & transparent pricing.
  2. We design and build your end-to-end lead generation marketing system (traffic campaigns, landing pages, marketing automation, Ad creative) covering every step of the customer journey from the traffic source to pitching your offer.
  3. Zero contracts.

Typical Marketing Agency Model ..

  1. High startup costs, hidden fees & expensive hourly rates (typically £150+).
  2. Traditional service delivery (e.g web design, SEO, maintenance).
  3. Long term contracts.

The Opportunity Accelerator

You help people overcome their challenges, to reach personal, lifestyle or business goals. We help you excel in digital marketing to reach a lot more of them. Stephen Shaw. Founder of An Artful Science.


Want more sales leads? Website conversions? Appointments?

Is it time to revamp your old website?

Foundation First

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You help people overcome their challenges, to reach personal, lifestyle or business goals. We help you excel in digital marketing to reach a lot more of them.

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Call me, email me, message me on Facebook, ping me like a submarine if you like. But let’s start funneling people along that yellow brick road. 😎

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