Do you struggle with finding high-net-worth clients?

This ‘hot off the press’ New Case Study Reveals how you can quickly find more affluent clients; get the attention you deserve; and sell your specialist services without the need for referrals, networking, or pure hustle.

And here’s what I’ll cover:

  1. How to get the attention you deserve from the people who you deserve. In Step 1 I’ll break down the process on how you use The Trojan Horse Technique to drive brand awareness with the right message that hits a nerve and gets a response.
  2. How to convert strangers into customers. In Step 2, I’ll show you how to create transitional calls-to-action to convert more leads.
  3. How to automate everything. In Step 3, I’ll plug you into the kind of automation tech that generates and converts leads quickly painlessly and 24/7.
  4. How to filter out the time wasters. Step 4 is all about creating efficient workflows, sales processes and pipelines that help you save time and improve your work-life balance — not bad, I know.

And if you work on fixing these 4 issues.

Amazing things are possible …

And the difference is HUGE …

Website vs Sales funnels
Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales ready leads at a 33% lower cost and 96% of visitors who come to your website aren’t ready to buy. Marketo

So to recap ... Instead of asking:

What's the service we have and how can we sell it to the client?

Let’s ask:

What brand story do we need to create to get our hero clients moving inextricably toward our services themselves?

Sun Tzu once said:

Much of the Art of War is devoted to the value of waiting, waiting and waiting for the right moment to strike.

So I’ve written the battle plan that will show you when and how to wait — and strike.

Clever me named it: “The Only Viable Solution”

The Only Viable Solution

Wouldn't you like to become one?

Case study soon! (Get notified)


  1. A "good" marketing strategy will help you build a relationship with your customers and help them see the world through a (“better”) lens to make selling superfluous.
  2. A "bad" marketing strategy will fail at all of the above, cost a business money to build, cost money to maintain, and provide little return on investment.

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Website vs Sales funnels

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