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Design has purpose : user engagement. Engagement that converts users into customers. Your job is measuring this at every step. Refining it; Improving it; Innovating it faster and better than your competitors.

So you’ve just been tasked with re-inventing your website.

You need to review the design, competition, user experience, and evaluate all the latest digital marketing initiatives to guarantee your next version is a smash.

The problem:

You’re struggling to find the time or clarify the direction.

You’re not a website strategist and with so many options to consider it’s hard to determine the best course of action.

That's probably because you haven’t considered using a foundation first.

It will help you deliver new website and digital marketing initiatives, save you time, money and quickly re-focus the minds of everyone involved in your new project — including the key stakeholders.

Foundation First

So how do you get started?

  1. Do you search for strategy planning templates or re-design guides?
  2. Start interviewing expensive web agencies?
  3. Invest more money in digital marketing?

Whilst all of these approaches might work, there is a new way …

After building web solutions for over 20 years, An Artful Science has recently published a website strategy and digital marketing blueprint.

Foundation First is a framework designed to take the pain and guesswork out of re-launching a new website, re-designing an old one, planning a digital marketing campaign or implementing cutting-edge sales funnel strategies like AIDA.

Integrated email marketing, marketing automation, and small business CRM.

You’ll also get to see the BIG digital picture.

If you’re looking to redevelop a website, transform sales activities, outsmart your competitors and design for the long-term then this 5 Step blueprint is certainly for you ...

Foundation First

In the case of Thomson Reuter, creating buyer personas contributed to a 175% increase in revenue and a 72% reduction in lead conversion time.

Source: DemandGen Report

Advanced Typecasting

Don't waste time chasing uninterested leads. Advanced Typecasting provides a window into your buyer’s world and customer profile.

Undercover Secrets

Undercover Secrets is not to help you beat your competitors at their own game, it’s to change the game.

The Model of Humility

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel to come up with a lucrative new idea. The Model of Humility uncovers better solutions to existing problems.

The beauty of type lies in its utility; prettiness without readability serves neither author nor reader

Source: James Felici

Find that sweet spot where the font, layout, and design work together to serve up the perfect website reading experience with Typography First.

You should be able to view a web page, without even reading it, and still feel what it’s trying to convey.

That’s the power of Typography.

And that’s the principle behind a Typography First powered website.

Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.

Source: Wendy Piersall

CTR Analyser

Optimise for above-expected user engagement to help Google determine your search engine positioning.

Record Everything

Measure every step of the visitor journey. Get a front row seat and watch every movement to fix those inefficient parts of your website experience and avoid that lame duck moment.

Nearly half of web users expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less.

Source: Akamai and

Security Enhanced

Security and backup enhancements reduce the risk of losing customers, and revenues, protecting it against DDoS attacks, abusive bots, and data compromise.

Speed Enhanced

Achieve Google ranking benefits and improve conversion by leveraging a combination of speed enhancements for an accelerated end user experience.

Content is king. Organised content marketing strategy can lead up to a 2,000% increase in blog traffic and 40% lift in revenue.

Source: Marketing Sherpa

The 3Ps to Traffic & Transactions is the most cost effective way to promote a site today.

Put simply this website promotion masterclass is the most elegant way to raise brand awareness, increase traffic, search engine ranking and improve user engagement to insure long-term profitability.

Preeminence Marketing

Using this very same formula I was able to boost my own website traffic by over 4400 new visitors in a single day, and what happened on Social Media just blew me away and changed the way I approach planning website’s forever.

Just a quick note of thanks for all the hard work you have put in over the past couple of months. It is certainly a big undertaking to create a website from scratch and also to effectively re-brand the look etc. The final version looks fantastic!

Book in your free Foundation First website strategy call

Over the course of our strategy call, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about creating a “Website that builds relationships and converts.”

  1. ❶ The Foundation First blueprint

    I’ll walk you through you my Foundation First blueprint on how to design, build and promote a great website.

  2. ❷ Website kick-starter toolkit

    Bring some order to the chaos and assess your website’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats and Opportunities with the Website Kick-Starter Toolkit.

  3. ❸ Project fundamentals

    We will assess your current situation and determine what you need most to get where you want to go.

There’s no cost involved

The Foundation First consultancy call is a £100 value, but there is one catch, and that is that you need to qualify. Click the “Schedule call” link below to find out how to qualify and secure one of the 5 free spots available this month.

Schedule My Call

Remember, this is just for the first few people that qualify so fill out the form in full if you want to explore all the digital marketing strategies to achieve your online business goals.

Once you submit your form, if you qualify you will be emailed shortly and must schedule your session within 3 days or it will be opened up to someone on the waiting list.

Your premium brand had better be delivering something special, or it’s not going to get the business.

Source: Warren Buffett

Download the website strategy blueprint and pricing guide

This free eBook also includes extra case studies, blueprint examples, service pricing and reveals the performance of all my digital marketing strategies not published on this site.

As such, this is for serious marketing professionals and entrepreneurs who want to see the ROI first.

Download the eBook


Stephen has helped us for the last five years and has been responsible for transforming our web based sales. His knowledge of digital design and web marketing has proved invaluable.Absolute
An Artful Science was everything I was after for my new company website. The work produced was of great quality, very efficient and crucially, well priced. I highly recommend them.Wadi Rum Ultra
Stephen met all deadlines and requirements at all times and was fully dedicated to the project whilst it was taking place and was happy to help with some technical questions after everything had been delivered. I would recommend Stephen Shaw without hesitation to any company that might require his services; he is the right choice.Rexam Europe & Asia
I LOVE your website and how you create! The fonts, the colours, the white (sand) space, your copy, your images. The entire package! And the philosophy. Seriously, you should be head of design for the entire world wide web :)Flowji

I know this may “not” be a concern for you ...

But sometimes people worry that I’m going to try to sell them something.

That’s not my style.

Of course, if you want to learn what it would look like to work with me, we can certainly discuss that on the call . However, my main objective is to have you walk away with understanding all the digital marketing opportunities available to build a compelling business online.

Built with a Foundation First

Turning you — and your online brand — into a levitating, industry–defining Yoda.


Website strategy blueprint and pricing guide

When you follow the workflow included in the eBook the traditional approach to web design and "magic-bullet" digital marketing solutions soon become irrelevant.

And I'll tell you why ...

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