Is it time to revamp your website? Most business websites are nothing more than fancy brochures. They might be pretty ... (but they don’t sell.)

Here’s how we fix that.

The Foundation First Honeycomb.

How does your website look on your best friend’s phone?

Or your daughter’s tablet?

Can’t read the text?

Impossible to navigate?



These days, your new customer’s will probably first encounter your brand this way.

Existing customers too will probably be looking to buy from you on a mobile or tablet rather than on their laptop.

The former will think you’re a Frankensite and run away; the latter will think you’re struggling and check out the competition.

Responsive website design – designing your website to be consistently accessible on every device – is vital from the word go.

I can help you do this by:

  1. Adhering to strict W3C quality rules.
  2. Ensuring text and images are optimised to adjust to fit every possible device.
  3. CMS systems are streamlined to ensure the user experience is simple and clear.
  4. And your mobile sites are social media and SEO friendly too.

The overall strategy: Planning for success

This starts with some research.

If you’ve got a website that needs redeveloping, analysing the user experience (UX) — the sum total of how people experience your website from content to design, speed to functionality — is vital.

As is factoring in your SEO placement and what the competition is up to — or might be getting up to — in the near future.

If you’re a startup, your strategy is similarly informed.

Finding out from prospective users what they like from competitor sites is a great way to understand their needs.

I can then design wireframes and prototypes that we can test to ensure the new design works as expected and there are no hidden usability issues.

And with every business, I start with a simple question:

How much do you really have to spend on design?

No, really.

The precise amount you can afford to keep your business moving through the gears.

I’ve been where you are and I’ve made mistakes that I don’t want you to make.

I then go through the options: design, development, SEO, marketing funnels, domain registration and hosting.

Give you a crystal clear fully costed understanding of the bang you’ll get for your buck, and go from there.

Of course, it goes without saying that every business is different.

But big or small,

The DNA of great design is universal and taking time doing this kind of detective work always pays off in the long run because you are getting all the essential genetic building blocks right from the beginning.

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Conversion-focused web design

Websites used to be so wrapped up in design that they didn’t do the one thing they were designed to do: convert users into customers.

Today though, web design has grown up.

It’s become a numbers game, offering the kind of deep user engagement that inspires two predictable actions: buying your great products or services; or sharing your great ideas.

Actions that can be measured and refined by — you guessed it — better conversion-focused design.

A static showy brochure has become a dynamic blueprint for action ..

Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others.Otto van Bismark

No one likes the ‘audit’ word.

Nobody likes going to the dentist either, but you’re always glad when you do.

And website audits aren’t as painful as they sound.

So let’s cut to the chase and tell it to you straight.

Yes, website audits ask a lot of questions ..

  1. Have you designed for the user?
  2. How are you benchmarking against your competitors?
  3. What keywords are they using?
  4. Which type of content ranks better on the search engines and garners a shed-load of juicy links from other authorities in your field or actively shared by customers on social media?

Or (my favourite), are your meta tags optimised?

I won’t go on, but you get the gist.

A website audit takes place before you start the redesign — that way you don’t make any schoolboy mistakes and your new site is primed for maximum SEO and conversion results.

The goal of carrying out an audit and checking out your competitors is not to help you beat them at their own game, it’s to change the game.

Thereby making your authority the only authority in town.

The beauty of type lies in its utility; prettiness without readability serves neither author nor readerSource: James Felici

Typography works alongside verbal language to create, enhance and alter meaning.

And despite all the selfies, TED Talks and cat videos, the web is still 95% words.

Type is the foundation of print and web design.

Of course, there are many reasons why typography is an afterthought, if it is thought of at all.

Arial anyone!?

Find that sweet spot where the font, layout, and design work together to serve up the perfect website reading experience with Typography First.

You should be able to view a web page, without even reading it, and still feel what it’s trying to convey.

That’s the power of Typography.

And that’s the principle behind a Typography First powered website.

Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.Source: Wendy Piersall

Keyword research and analysis is like detective work. Words and phrases — especially technical terms — can make or break your website’s ranking.

So we'll find out your market's keyword demand, decide the best terms and phrases to target with SEO, and begin to learn from your customers.

  1. Is this or that keyword relevant to our website’s content?
  2. Will customers find what they’re looking for on our site when they search using these keywords?
  3. Will this result in dollars and cents financial rewards or help us achieve other organisational goals?

Whether you’re a budding startup or a big brand looking to leverage its authority in a new way, with the latest keyword intelligence software and on-page SEO you can develop smart keyword marketing plans and strategies that leave your competition scrabbling.

Nearly half of web users expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less.Source: Akamai and

I hear what you’re saying: How do I ensure my WordPress site runs as lightning fast as Usain Bolt but still has the swagger of Justin Timberlake and the rock solid dependability of M&S?

Responsive design is about a flexible, fuss-free end-user experience.

But you also have to ensure the design is as lean as it is agile: a mobile user on a bus with limited connectivity needs your information before the next stop, or that might be the last time they stop by.

That’s where I come in.

My website speed optimisation and CDN integration services will reduce bounce rates and improve conversions by simply accelerating the end user experience.

Smart Routing* (small monthly fee applies) additionally improves Internet asset performance on average of 30% by routing visitors through the least congested and most reliable paths.

And you’ll achieve Google ranking benefits too.

Website speed has been on the Google algorithm, since 2010.

Hosting failure? No problem.

If your origin server is ever unavailable, our DNS provider will serve a limited copy of your cached website to keep it online for your visitors.

Security and backup enhancements reduce the risk of losing customers, and revenues, protecting it against DDoS attacks, abusive bots, and data compromise.

“50% of sales time is wasted on unproductive prospecting.Source: B2B Lead

One of the most difficult things for a prospective client is trying to get hold of the right person when you could be in a meeting, working onsite or the office is closed.

Time is money.

And not all leads are equal.

Let marketing automation do most of the heavy lifting instead so you can get back to doing what you love doing best.

  1. Waste less time chasing leads, and more time with realistic clients.
  2. You don’t need to follow up.
  3. It allows them to book the most suitable time for them.
  4. Reduce no-shows with automatic reminder notifications.
The Appointment Generator


You need to be in control ..

Which means you need an administration panel that has been designed as much for you in mind (to edit and publish) as the front end is for your customers (to search, book or purchase).

You need a CMS system that has proven itself as a robust and scaleable solution.

For this reason, I use Wordpress.

Usain Bolt uses WordPress.

And Justin Timberlake.


Even Marks and Spencer.

For their websites, blogs, even apps.

To spread information, sell stuff and analyse data.

In fact, in the twelve years it’s been around, WordPress has become the CMS of choice. Global domination often explained by the fact that:

  1. It’s FREE and comes in innumerable mobile-responsive shapes and sizes.
  2. It’s much more scalable and secure than you think.
  3. It’s laughably easy-to-use and seamlessly integrates with your social media.

But for me,

The reason why it’s a world beater is that it’s constantly been improved, refined and finessed by millions of tireless WP die-hards.

Unlike your static website — which I’m sure rocks — WordPress doesn’t sit still and doesn’t sleep.

I can redesign and transition your old site onto a customised WordPress theme; or create a brand new WordPress powered website tailored to your business needs from scratch.

And my Foundation First approach is user and goal-centric — taking your customer’s needs and your business’ goals into the mix at every stage to ensure a user’s journey through your site is an extension of your brand’s journey.

Matt Mullenweg of WordPress, said:

Technology is best when it brings people together.

Can’t argue with that.

Now give the authority on this authority stuff (that would be me) a call and let’s get started.

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Foundation First
Stephen has helped us for the last five years and has been responsible for transforming our web based sales. His knowledge of digital design and web marketing has proved invaluable.Jon Blakeney, Absolute
Stephen met all deadlines and requirements at all times and was fully dedicated to the project whilst it was taking place and was happy to help with some technical questions after everything had been delivered. I would recommend Stephen Shaw without hesitation to any company that might require his services; he is the right choice.Rexam Europe & Asia
Through continuous consultation & highly professional advice, Stephen provided us with a website and marketing campaign that met all our objectives. The resulting solution more than exceeded our expectations and we will be delighted to strengthen our working relationship with Stephen for the future.Lindsay Soulsby. Director. Courture
An Artful Science was everything I was after for my new company website. The work produced was of great quality, very efficient and crucially, well priced. I highly recommend them.Wadi Rum Ultra
I LOVE your website and how you create! The fonts, the colours, the white (sand) space, your copy, your images. The entire package! And the philosophy. Seriously, you should be head of design for the entire world wide web :)Flowji
Just a quick note of thanks for all the hard work you have put in over the past couple of months. It is certainly a big undertaking to create a website from scratch and also to effectively re-brand the look etc. The final version looks fantastic!
Looks great mate – happy to give you go ahead to package everything up. Really good job overall.
Hey Stephen, I love it. I am really really happy with it. You've done a class job. Thanks so much Stephen.
Here's how to get started ..

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Is it time to revamp your website?

Most business websites are nothing more than fancy brochures. They might be pretty but don't sell

Here's how we fix that ...

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