warning: What you are about to see is decades of marketing experience, distilled into a highly potent format. Side effects to this new method may include: an unfair advantage, a sense of achievement, people liking you and want to buy what you’re selling.
Selling Your “Thing” Just Got Easy. M·P·I Conversion Method (Audience & Offer Masterclass) REVEALED! How elite marketeers ‘expose’ what you think, change how you behave and motivate you to buy — broken down in simple, easy-to-master detail.

How do you inspire your ideal target market? What’s the secret magical gut-punching ingredient that gives your brand a shot at the title, time and time again?

And if you dare to move up a division, what helps you compete with those that are ‘better’ than you?

First think about this ..

What is it that this page is actually buying?

I’ll tell you ..


Right now, you might well be thinking that your website has bought way more of your own time — with way less results — than you care to think about.

I get you.

But before you pull the plug, focus on what I’m teaching you.

The sole purpose of your business (and your website) is to buy more time with more of the right people.

Motivate, Persuade and Influence

And no matter how amazing your brand is, if people don’t stop in their tracks and take the time for you to amaze them with it (and sell it), ALL are less a time buying machine and more a vacant distraction.

NOW think about your website.

How much time does it need to buy you?

Well, according to most digital marketing pros, the average time spent is around 15 seconds.

Even if you’re not selling simple things like tooth picks — and especially if you’re the new kid on the block — this is clearly not enough for most brands to impart everything they need to convince someone to ..

  1. Stick around longer and
  2. Reach for their wallet.

Oh, don’t forget so called ‘Dwell Time’ is also an important Google ranking signal too.

So if you want to increase your website traffic and with it make more sales ..

Time matters!

Because if you Win The Strategy Of Time™, customer commitment to your services will surely follow.

Conversion rate optimisation
  1. If you publish regularly on your blog or social media — it's the best strategy where ALL your time and effort becomes the most profitable …
  2. If you pay for advertising — it's the most important part of the equation to ensure you get your investment back to build your brand bigger and faster than ever.
  3. If you struggle to compete in a crowded market — it's the one secret method that puts clear blue ocean between you and your competitors.

But how do you do it?

Using what I call An Artful Science®

Building a website (with the M.P.I Conversion Method™) where the design and the content blend together in a uniquely engaging and authoritative way ..

Client reviews.  https://anartfulsciene.com/

And by using An Artful Science Sales Funnel™, that buys YOU a lot more time with all the right people.

Time Matters

People who really do want to spend time with you even if they didn’t know it, and certainly people whose time is money for your business.

Which is where investing the right amount of time on your website comes in ..

Even if you have the best service in the marketplace, you’ll lose to a competitor’s mediocre offering if they deliver it more effectively.

Get more people to say yes by aligning your solutions to customer problems that deliver the outcomes they desire most.

Selling Your “Thing” Just Got Easy. M·P·I Conversion Method(Audience & Offer Masterclass). The Master Secret To ‘Expose’ What Your Customers Think, Change How They Behave And Motivate Them To Buy With A Step-By-Step Blueprint.

Brian Tracy (author of Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires) once said: “Every minute you spend in planning saves ten minutes in execution; this gives you a 1000% return on energy!”

SO you're in luck.

If you're about to invest time, money and energy on your website — planning for that 1,000% return is what I specialise in ..

Zsuzsanna Pataki

I had sweated over my sales page for weeks on end, not knowing how to make it work.

I kept at it until it grew into a novel: (you know the one), the kind that makes people click away, confused, fast. — Quite the opposite of what I intended it to actually do .. (Sell)

Stephen had a quick read and boiled down my wordy monster into a sales page that actually worked as a conversion page.

Mystery solved :)

Clients can now quickly see the benefits of what I offer, the value that I bring, and know exactly how to get started.

And what a formula! — I can’t believe it took me so long to ask him. — I feel like a boulder has just been rolled off me, and so relieved to get back to the work I love.

I whole heartily recommend Stephen Shaw to anyone who struggles in this crazy online world, especially when it comes to presenting their offers in a way that reads well, looks right, but more importantly, SELLS!

If you're reading this on his website, don’t just click that button, call and ask him.

Your struggle is over. 
Zsuzsanna PatakiZsuzsanna Pataki
Portrait Artist

Dr Lynda Ince-Greenaway

Just the title of Stephen’s business name gave me confidence to trust him in designing my new website. I can honestly say that over the time we worked together, he was always available and made positive and helpful suggestions.

He gave sound advice, copywriting tips and hints on how to turn more browsers into buyers which I found extremely helpful.

And I just love his creativity, spirit of adventure and how he put his heart and soul into what he created. The warm colours and font are inviting reflecting both my personality and my coaching business.

Having asked my friends to visit my new website I have had great feedback.

And it’s all down to Stephen, his knowledge, skills and how he applied science to make my website fit for purpose.

He is so good at his craft! 
Dr Lynda Ince-GreenawayDr Lynda Ince-Greenaway.
Leadership Coach and Author of “The Hard Truth”

Mark Howarth

Stephen has provided a marketing service of the highest standard.

I’ve worked with designers, web developers and sales funnel experts for many years and it’s rare that someone possesses all three of the skills needed in equal measure.

Stephen is an expert in each area.

He has completed four projects so far — all of which have been on time, to budget and representing brilliant value for money — showing a high level of care and dedication.

Stephen continues to work with me now on a number of clients.

It’s rare I write a reference this glowing but I wholly recommend him without any reservation! 
Mark HowarthMark Howarth.
Founder & Director, MCH London

Quality Of Workmanship. You need to work with an agency that cares about the outcome of their work ..

Why except mediocrity when excellence is an option?

Arthur Rimbaud (the prodigiously talented, visionary poet who went on to become a lonely gun runner) once said:

One must be absolutely modern’ (il faut être absolument modern).
Arthur Rimbaud

As a poet, his point was that knowing all the artistic rules that made past greats stand out as past greats wasn’t enough:

If you wanted to be great yourself, you had to reinvent what constituted future greatness.

Instead of doing another thing, a similar thing, even the same thing with an ironic twist of lemon, you had to do the next new thing.

This was Rimbaud’s bold and brazen challenge to the stuck-in-the-mud, this-is-how-it’s-supposed-to-be artistic community he bowled over with his sheer talent.

And it’s not a bad challenge for any brand (who uses web designers to sell their story to the world) to take very seriously indeed.

Client reviews.  https://anartfulsciene.com/

After all, if you or your brand is not seen by your clients as:

  1. The new thing.
  2. The next thing.
  3. The modern thing.
  4. The disruptive thing.
  5. The thing that changes every thing.

Some shiny Rimbaudesque thing out there will be.

And that shiny Rimbaudesque thing will make you look very dated, very fast.

By now you must be wanting a little adaptive, website newness creating power for yourself?

Typography First Websites for coaches, consultants and industry professionals.

Ever wondered what makes the Mona Lisa so enigmatic?

Why we are so in awe at the magisterial splendour of a Spiral Galaxy?

Or why — even after all these years — ancient buildings like the Parthenon are so pleasing to behold?

Golden Ratio

Yes, such wonders are wonderful because of their sheer scale, because we can appreciate the skill — the rare (human or cosmic) genius — that has gone into their creation.

But wonders aren’t wonderful by chance (unless God really does play dice).

You see, creators of the sublime have a trick up its sleeve, a trick that you might say put the smile on Mona Lisa’s face.

Golden Ratio

And that trick takes the form of a magic number.

And no, it's not 3.

This number — also known as the Golden Section, Golden Mean, Divine Proportion, and the Golden Ratio — is ..

1.618 φ

And this number makes magic in our world just as much as it does in the animal world too ..

Golden Ratio

Take honeybees.

Divide the number of female bees by the number of male bees in any given hive, you will get 1.618.

Or Sunflowers.

Sunflowers, which have opposing spirals of seeds, have a 1.618 ratio between the diameters of each rotation.

Rafael Araujo

Consciously or not, the birds bees and sunflowers of our world use the same cunning trick to thrive as da Vinci uses to create art.

And our brains are hard-wired to find this organic proportionality irresistible ..

Typography First Websites for coaches, consultants and industry professionals.

So I’ve spent months of painstaking work crafting a cutting-edge new website blueprint called Typography-First™.

Typography First Websites for coaches, consultants and industry professionals.

It’s a Starter Website, where the concepts like C.R.O (conversion rate optimisation) and The Golden Ratio (1.618), have already been coded INTO ANY layout configuration possible.

Starter Website

And just enough of the key Typography ingredients baked in, as not to impede your new design, but just to beautify it.

Web Typography

It includes a colour guide, where you can choose from perfectly aligned colour combinations, to define the ultimate mood of your site.

Web Typography

AND a typography guide. 30 ideally matched Screen Optimised Fonts — to better attract your customers and connect them with what you do.

Typography First Websites for coaches, consultants and industry professionals.
Screen Optimised fonts
  1. It’s progressive to fit on EVERY possible device, (from the smallest phone all the way up to the latest 8k TV).
  2. Responsive web design
  3. And it downloads in less than a second ..
Load Time

So you can benefit from the beauty of The Divine Proportion φ — without having to invest a fortune to pay for it ..

Connected Life Coaching

Here’s my special invitation to you.

Give me 20 minutes of your time and I’ll give you 20 years of mine.

Step 1: Make Smarter Decisions

Get the M·P·I Conversion Blueprint (It's free)

Rather than relying on guesswork to determine buyer wants, unlock new sources of growth by ‘influencing’ what they think, how they behave and why they buy.

Get my conversion blueprint

Step 2: Revolutionise Your Brand

Mapping out the end-to-end customer journey from gaining awareness of your brand, to receiving a "thank you for your purchase”.

Once we've figured out exactly who you want. Then we’ll dig deep into what THEY “really” want. I’ll then provide you with a Signature Marketing Solution™ that makes them want it from YOU.

There’s no cost involved, but there is one catch:

It's limited to 5 each month.

This is SUPER LIMITED because the Signature Marketing Solution™ will be tailored to your business.

If you like what you read — we can move forward. And if you don't, then that's fine too. If you're happy, I'm happy. It really is that simple.

Step 3: Grow Your Sales

Taking an uncut raw diamond and turning it into a glittering jewel.

Finally, we’ll create all the digital assets you’ll ever need specifically tailor made to build your brand and grow your business.

Client reviews.  https://anartfulsciene.com/

So if you're either:

  1. Living in "second-guessing" mode — never knowing what will REALLY move the needle.
  2. Holding back because you don’t know how to deliver the most impact to get the highest return on your time and effort.
  3. Not knowing how to plan something that's sharable, clickable, rankable and knocks your potential customers off their feet ..
+218,450.00% increase in traffic.

Let me help you change all that with a revolutionary new battle plan that actually works.

Stephen Shaw

Yours for those blockbuster breakthroughs,

Founder of An Artful Science®
Author of the M·P·I Conversion Method™

Get my conversion blueprint

Jon Blakeney

Stephen has helped us for the last five years and has been responsible for transforming our web based sales. His knowledge of web design and digital marketing has proved invaluable and I would have no hesitation in recommending him.jon-blakeneyJon Blakeney.
Co Owner, I-AM

Michael Baker

Just a quick note of thanks for all the hard work you have put in over the past couple of months. It is certainly a big undertaking to create a website from scratch and also to effectively re-brand the look etc. The final version looks fantastic!jon-blakeneyMichael Baker.
Operations Manager, Croma

Jamie Sparks

I love it! — I am really, really happy with it. — You've done a class job. Thanks so much Stephen.jon-blakeneyJamie Sparks.
Founder, Ultra X

What makes An Artful Science so different?

I believe that great digital marketing is like a great movie ..

Think of the first time you saw Citizen Kane. 2001: A Space Odyssey or Badlands.

Why did these movies change you and cinema?

Is it because the filmmakers — Welles, Kubrick and Malick respectively — were or still are supremely talented, highly creative artists?


It was because each and every one of them knew the golden rules of cinema so well that they could allow their art to bend those rules just enough to move us and the profession into new territory.

In other words, only by knowing the rules could they rewrite them.

And by rewriting the rules, their work stands head and shoulders above the competition.

I believe that great digital marketers — like all artists — pull off the same rule rewriting trick.

With a deep understanding of all the essential component parts — the content which is your (dialogue), the brand (which are the actors), and the clients (also know as the audience) — great digital marketers deliver a knockout Rocky-esque digital marketing experience.

One that keeps bums on seats long enough for their clients to tell their story from start to finish.

Your business goal (that is, making money) is intimately tied to how well your brand can empathise with the needs of your customers. How are you going to move someone to pull out their debit card every time if you don’t wrap up your marketing copy in water tight logic with killer emotional intent?
Client reviews.  https://anartfulsciene.com/
How do you inspire and motivate your ideal target market? What's the secret magical gut-punching ingredient that gives your brand a shot at the title, time and time again? And if you dare to move up a division, what helps you compete with those that are ‘better’ than you?
Client reviews.  https://anartfulsciene.com/
Have you ever noticed that in the really good movies, the good guy, and the bad guy, are always competing for the exact same thing? In a galaxy, not so far away .. The same is true for business. So how do you stay on top? How do you reach and resonate, and keep reaching and resonating with your audience in a crowded market?
Client reviews.  https://anartfulsciene.com/

For almost twenty years, I’ve mastered — web design, SEO and sales funnels.

In other words:

I know the where the new rules (and rule breakers) come from. And I like to count myself as one of those digital marketing auteurs.

Stephen Shaw

Ostii Ananda

I LOVE your website and how you create! The fonts, the colours, the white (sand) space, your copy, your images.

The entire package! — And the philosophy.

Seriously, you should be head of design for the entire world wide web :)! 
Ostii AnandaOstii Ananda.
Founder & CEO, Flowji
M·P·I Method™ / How To Increase Your Website Conversion
I Believe


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An Artful Science®

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Website vs Sales funnels


What you are about to see is decades of marketing experience, distilled into a highly potent format.

Side effects to this new method may include: an unfair advantage, a sense of achievement, people liking you and want to buy what you're selling.

Selling Your "Thing" Just Got Easy

Here's a fraction of what you'll learn ..

  1. The "master secret" to revolutionise your services into a Napoleonic Offer™ that no one can say no to.
  2. Why using "The 3 Universal Laws Of Persuasion" is the key to building a brand that your ideal clients will love.
  3. Create a clear blue ocean between you and your competitors with a lean, momentum-generating awareness, engagement, and conversion engine.

The idea is that when you do this, you'll get to the point where advertising itself is profitable .. You're essentially getting paid to build your brand.

An Artful Science has helped us for the last five years and has been responsible for transforming our web based sales. Their knowledge of web design and digital marketing has proved invaluable.Jon Blakeney, Director | I-AM London

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