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Great sites are like great movies. They break rules. They knock your emotional socks off. But great web design takes great skill.

If you believe Gladwell, it takes 10,000 hours to be a Jedi master of anything. And as your site isn’t the only show in town, you have to put bums on seats first.

Which is where the artful science part comes in.

An Artful Science is all about blending art and science;

Designing websites bursting with authoritative and engaging content all cunningly underpinned by SEO optimised code, competitive data analysis and geek-chic web analytics.

And as you'll soon discover ...

We put bums on seats then ensure the show is so good they stay to the end, whether that happy ending is in the shape of a customer, a lead, or just a big #roundofapplause.

Which is where your 10,000 hours comes in.

An Artful Science is owned and run by Stephen Shaw, BA (hons). With over fifteen years on the clock, I've worked in ambitious new start-ups and been the Creative Director of established web design agencies.

I’ve seen it; done it; designed the tee-shirt.

Which means when I’m on your clock, I already know where you’re coming from …

Monarch Double Helix

Preface: Discover design’s secret purpose (Page 1 of 3)

‘Great design is not great art.’

Great art is self-sufficient, open to interpretation.

Great design tells a story: your brand’s story.

It takes your customers by the hand and leads them down the primrose path to connect with what you do and say.

Purpose runs through web design’s DNA.

And you need to wrap it up into a comprehensive website strategy.

This starts with a little research.

Re-aligning your business goals with the user experience (UX) — the sum total of how people experience your online brand from content to design, speed to functionality - is vital.

As is factoring in your customer goals, sales strategy, visitor engagement, site promotion and what the competition is up to — or might be getting up to — in the near future. (More about this on the following page ...)

If you’re a startup, your strategy is similarly informed.

Finding out what questions and queries your consumers have is a great way to understand their needs.

Or leveraging rapid prototypes to ensure the new design works as expected so there are no hidden sales hiccups or lead conversion issues.

Of course, it goes without saying that every business is different.

Big or small, the DNA of great web design is universal.

And as you'll soon discover, taking time doing this kind of detective work always pays off in the long run because you are getting all the essential genetic building blocks right from the beginning.

Foundation First

But before I continue there's one thing (over 4 Steps) you absolutely need to understand before we get started;

It’s Web Design’s secret purpose.

Many people gloss over it ...

I certainly don't.

Any idea what it might be? :-)

Continue to page two …

It will change the way you think about building websites.


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