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A 5 Step Blueprint Planning for success Maximise visitor engagement Unlock competitor strategies Transform web based sales Design to your demographic Improve conversion rate Increase website visitors Reach new customers

If politics is all about the economy, then the web is all about engagement.

Customer or user engagement is measured by things like time spent on the site; user journeys; numbers of clicks; information shared like comments or newsletter subscriptions; repeat visits; and of course, sales.


Engagement isn’t confined to your site. Further afield, brand engagement overspills to your influencer’s own blogs. How they evangelise about your brand and send new customers flocking to you is also a measure of the success of your business to create deep and lasting user engagement.

Foundation First

Your overall website strategy: Building a Plan to maximise engagement

This starts with some research. If you’ve got a website that needs redeveloping, understanding the sum total of how people experience your website from content to design, speed to functionality - is vital. As is factoring in a promotion strategy and what the competition is up to – or might be getting up to - in the near future.

Building a bulletproof website strategy isn’t easy, but building a super successful website with one is.Stephen Shaw · Share on Twitter
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What’s the bottom line?

Of course, it goes without saying that every business is different. But big or small, the DNA of building a great online business is universal and taking time doing this kind of detective work always pays off in the long run because you are getting all the essential genetic building blocks right from the beginning.

Is this you?

  • You’re working hard, but the approach simply isn’t effective anymore.
  • You have a great business idea, but you have no real idea where to start online.
  • You have an existing site but unsure how to take it strategically to the next level.
  • You have a local business & You have a website, but your site’s not generating nearly enough interest or enquiries.
  • You operate on a “Publish & Pray” approach and your website traffic has stagnated, or worse yet started to fallen off a cliff.

If any of these are ringing true, then keep reading because I’ll reveal my methods on how you can also design for unlimited growth, and outline the blueprint I use to maximise a website’s profitability.

If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.Yogi Berra · Share on Twitter

Using this very same formula I was able to boost my own website traffic by over 4k, and what happened on Social Media just blew me away—and changed the way I approach planning website’s forever.

How did you do that? …

Of course, in order to pull off what I’m about to share with you - you need to be willing to contribute to the work.

You must be dedicated to take your attention off of your expertise long enough to put the structure and planning in place and commit to promoting that difference and expertise out into the world.

Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans.Peter F. Drucker · Share on Twitter

This isn’t some get-published-quick Wordpress Theme… This is about planning out your online business using a Step-by-Step formula and providing real value to your audience to the point where they feel inspired to invest & engage with you.

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So how do you build a super, successful website?

Foundation First

Here’s 10 reasons why working with a solid Foundation First™ will seriously up your game.

  1. Concise Planning removes any confusion out of building or improving on an existing website.
  2. It’s designed to find & attract the right kind of people from the very start.
  3. It directly attracts the most influential people who will promote your business for you!
  4. You’ll build real business assets containing relevant, up-to-date & useful content for your users.
  5. It’s optimised to take the full initiative over the competition.
  6. It aims to solve the most fundamental issues or concerns facing your clients and customers.
  7. It Invites an expected measurable action such as a social share, a sale, or lead.
  8. You can open up new marketing channels and attract new customers or clients.
  9. It ensures you appear when a potential customer is sifting through the search or social media results.
  10. It builds a ‘long-term’ brand awareness, and establishes your business.
When you establish a destination by defining what you want, then take physical action by making choices that move you towards that destination, the possibility for success is limitless and arrival at the destination is inevitable.Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free · Share on Twitter

Planning for Unlimited Growth & Opportunities using The Science of Audience Discovery

  • Dominating the Search results in Google is crucial.
  • Receiving rave reviews & engagement on Social Media is crucial.

Most would agree that if you’re really thriving in Search & Social you’re pretty much unstoppable as an online business. But how can you achieve one, never mind both?

Here’s the deal:

Building from a foundation first is crucial.

After working closely with many clients for nearly 20 years I’ve come to understand a fundamental first Step of any project must be about a detailed Discovery plan. But before we can go though ANY of that it’s good to understand one thing YOU can do right now.

And here’s the kicker:

You need to STOP marketing your site to your customers.

Imagine a site that is constantly being shared, talked about or even goes Viral. (Believe me it wouldn’t be because of your customers or clients)

By using some savvy Audience Discovery techniques I managed to achieve just that & I’ll show you the crucial first Step I used that you can use right now to improve the performance of your website promotion plan.

If you want to maximise the profitability of your site, you need to build compelling content specifically designed for InfluencersStephen Shaw · Share on Twitter


If 50% of customers make a purchase based on a general recommendation that they found on social media and the number of website’s linking to a site correlate with it’s profitability more than any other factor, the first Step is to plan out your content that appeals to people with the power to share or link to it.

And the worse part:

Most website owners create content that appeals directly to their customers and they’re NEVER going to link to your services, no matter how much they love your company.

For example:

By understanding my own Influencers I was able boost the social engagement of my recently published articles by over 2.2k.

Want to know the best part?

This didn’t just happen by chance. It was planned from the start. These results are largely due to the fact that I created content that directly appealed to the influencers in my space, and it went viral too!

For this reason alone it’s why I make sure to include Influencer Discovery with everyone that I work more closely with.

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Keep your customers close, but your influencers closer

The best people that can help you promote your business are known as Influencers.

Influencers are simply people that run website’s in your industry who have influence over potential buyers, but they also have the power to link to your site. And as we’ve already discussed links remain an extremely important Google ranking factor so it’s a good idea to understand The Science of Audience Discovery from the outset.

To generate traffic to your site, you need to create distinctive, credible, beneficial and extraordinary content that directly appeals to influencers within your niche. —Keep your users close, but your influencers closerStephen Shaw · Share on Twitter

It matters because;

  1. 92% of people trust personal recommendations over brands.
  2. 81% of people are influenced by their friends’ social media posts.
  3. The number of website’s linking to a page correlate with YOUR rankings more than any other factor.
  4. For your online business to succeed you need to content that’s DESIGNED to rank in Google.
  5. When you promote content aimed squarely at the people with the power to share you’ll notice that your profitability increases significantly.

To give you a sneak peek behind the Science of Audience Discovery let’s dive into finding some Influencers for yourself & I’ll share some of my Influencer Discovery Secrets™ too.

How I Increased My Users by +218k%

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