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Wordpress theme design Professional web design SEO optimised code Competitive data analysis Geek-chic web analytics Clients include; CROMA Restaurants Augmeant Advanced AR ITogether Network Security The School Bus Premier Parking Its Inside That Counts Oliver Burns Interiors

Great sites are like great movies. They break rules. They knock your emotional socks off. But great design takes great skill. If you believe Gladwell, it takes 10,000 hours to be a Jedi master of anything. And as your site isn’t the only show in town, you have to put bums on seats first.

Which is where the science part comes in.

 An Artful Science is all about blending art and science: designing websites bursting with authoritative and engaging content all cunningly underpinned by SEO optimised code, competitive data analysis and geek-chic web analytics.

We put bums on seats then ensure the show is so good they stay to the end, whether that happy ending is in the shape of a customer, a lead, or just a big #roundofapplause. Which is where your 10,000 hours comes in.

Problem? No problem.

I’m a freelance web designer and digital marketing consultant with twenty years on the clock. I’ve got my hands dirty working with start-ups and been the Creative Director of design agencies.

Right now, I’m a freelance. Which means I work from home. Which means you don’t pay for anything but my time, and I’m never ‘in a meeting’. So get in touch and let’s turn your ideas for global domination into real-world, effective digital marketing strategies.

Stephen met all deadlines and requirements at all times and was fully dedicated to the project whilst it was taking place and was happy to help with some technical questions after everything had been delivered. I would recommend Stephen Shaw without hesitation to any company that might require his services; — He is the right choice.Irene Martinez (LinkedIn) Rexam, Europe & Asia
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Client Case Study

Piz­zas flew out of the ovens as the cus­tom­ers queued down the street

I was tasked to design and develop a new site and online promotion campaign for the renowned pizzeria Croma, reflecting the new content strategy & online creative direction.

As well as a window into the Pizzeria world, the new site offers a subscription facility, enabling subscribers to sign up to receive the latest special offers.

Croma homepage

Inspiring predictable actions

Websites used to be so wrapped up in design that they didn’t do the one thing they were designed to do: convert users into customers. Today though, web design has grown up. It’s become a numbers game, offering the kind of deep user engagement that inspires two predictable actions: buying your great products or services; or sharing your great ideas.

For Croma, several Conversion-focused layouts were devised for the homepage and key locations. A static showy brochure is now a dynamic blueprint for action.

Croma Manchester page

Flexible, fuss-free end-user experience

Responsive design is about a flexible, fuss-free end-user experience. But you also have to ensure the design is as lean as it is agile: a mobile user on a bus with limited connectivity needs your information before the next stop, or that might be the last time they stop by, so a Mobile First strategy was crucial.

The CMS of choice, Wordpress

Usain Bolt uses WordPress. And Justin Timberlake. NASA. Time. Samsung. Wired. Star Wars. Even Marks and Spencer. For their websites, blogs, even apps. To spread information, sell stuff and analyse data. In fact, in the twelve years it’s been around, WordPress has become the CMS of choice.

Global domination often explained by the fact that:

  • It’s FREE and comes in innumerable mobile-responsive shapes and sizes
  • It’s much more scalable and secure than you think
  • It’s laughably easy-to-use and seamlessly integrates with your social media.

But for me, the reason why I used Wordpress for the Croma site is because it’s a world beater.

Constantly been improved, refined and finessed by millions of tireless WP die-hards. Unlike your static website – which I’m sure rocks - WordPress doesn’t sit still and doesn’t sleep.

Client Case Study

Augmented reality how it’s meant to be done

People like new. New products. New ways to visualise themselves using those products. New collections that change with the seasons. Even new ideas. Human beings are innately curious and we are drawn to the new because we love to be new ourselves: we want people to know we are up-to-date, on trend, ahead of the curve.

Augmeant Technologies required a new one page Wordpress based website visualising their new AR products in a innovative way. The end result used a CSS Mask to reveal portions of an image overlaid on top of a background image. The “Reveal” is moved by finding the position of the mouse cursor.

Client Case Study

The WRU is not for the faint hearted

The Wadi Rum Ultra is a multi-day ultra-marathon, run over 5 days in Southern Jordan in October each year.

Wadi Rum Ultra required a promotional website & Wordpress theme featuring full page Videos and inspirational Sliders advertising one of the toughest endurance challenges anyone would wish to ever undertake. If your feeling brave, signup!

Wordpress theme for The School Bus
ITogether Ecommerce Wordpress theme
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Face it, your website sucks. It’s old. Tired.And your customers find it about as useful as a wooden frying pan.

But let’s say you can’t afford to throw that frying pan away and start over. You need to keep busy and stay in the search engine ranking spotlight.

I can help. →
An Artful Science was everything I was after for my new company website. The work produced was of great quality, very efficient and crucially, well priced. I highly recommend them.Jamie Sparks. Director. Wadi Rum Ultra

Redesigning and redeveloping existing websites is all about maximising performance gains. Before you dive in with your necessary upgrades, you need to fully understand what you’re working with. You need to map out and plan every contingency. Then take that bloated and messy code and clean it up too make it lean and mean (I use HTML5 and CSS3 to build responsive frameworks which are then integrated into a content management system).

You can then stand back and watch it go.

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Most of my clients have megalomaniacal ambitions to rule the world and stick with me long enough to drag me along to their Christmas parties, but if you’re looking for a one off gig, that’s works too. If you haven’t made up your mind yet either way, feel free to nose around my portfolio. Get the low down on my latest guides on creating the perfect reading experience, effective backlink building & pricing strategies. Or shoot right on over to the contact page. Like you, I check email even when I’m having my brekkie.

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