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Great sites are like great movies. They break rules. They knock your emotional socks off.

Competitive intelligence for digital marketing

Email me 3 websites of your biggest baddest competitors — and I’ll reply with keyword ranking analysis that will magically turn them into kittens.

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I can only perform this kind of magic 10 times a month, so first come first served.

Where I’m coming from

An Artful™ is a freelance web design and digital marketing consultancy owned and run by Stephen Shaw, BA (hons). With fifteen years on the clock, I’ve worked in ambitious new start–ups and been the Creative Director of established digital agencies. I’ve seen it; done it; designed the tee‐shirt. Which means when I’m on your clock, I already know where you’re coming from.

Right now, I’m a freelance. Which means I work from home. Which means you don’t pay for anything but my time, and I’m never ‘in a meeting’. So get in touch and let’s turn your ideas for global domination into real-world, effective digital marketing strategies. —   follow @anartfulscience

What I do in less than 160 characters

Specialise in mobile-first, content-first, typography-first web design , Wordpress theme development, organic link building, content creation & SEO consulting.

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Who I work for

Big name brands. SME’s. Unknown but coming‐to‐a‐town‐near‐you‐from‐Friday start–ups. I’m also a web design and SEO consulting gun‐for‐hire at leading design agencies in the South East and North West of the UK.

Case studies available by request

Why I say it like it is

If you like to ask, "What’s really going wrong?" or "How do we get there from here?" we’ll get along just fine. If you don’t want to hear the truth about your site and why it’s drowning rather than raving, then keep walking.

I’m not to–the–point because I’ve got a point to prove or wasn’t allowed sugar on my Sugar Puffs. I like to get to the point and speak plainly because butt–kissing doesn’t help blue-chips, start–ups, or design agencies leave their competitors kissing dust.

Project appraisal

3 things I do to help start‐ups  SME’s punch above their weight

I love the smell of start‐ups in the morning. Dreams are big. Everyone knows everyone. So the last thing I want to do is wade in with lots of sage ‘you’ll thank‐me‐later’ advice. But I can offer 3 things that most of the start‐ups and SME’s I’ve worked with welcomed with open arms:

  1. Transformation of nascent business plans and fledgling ideas.
  2. Full service 360 digital marketing.
  3. Logo and branding development.
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Why I do tonnes of work for marketing  design agencies

I ran a web design agency, so I know how they work: the confluence of interconnected disciplines; the creative energy; the appetite to stretch clients away from what they’re comfortable with now to what will make them — and their customers — comfortable tomorrow. Now I offer that experience to marketing agencies across the UK.

If there’s something you need that’s not on the digital menu, raise your hand — then drop me an email.

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I’ve had more types of client than Heinz has varieties

Start-ups. Agencies. Family‐run SME’s. Clients in finance and retail, in the public and private sectors. Some wanted the all singing all dancing stuff – strategy, web design and Wordpress development work; some just part-time or ad hoc project‐based consulting or bespoke training.

I’ve met some great people. Many have become greater friends. If you want me to help your company, get in touch, especially if it’s a variety I’ve never tried before.


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I’ve seen the future:

If you want to generate traffic to your site, you need to create distinctive, credible, beneficial and extraordinary content that directly appeals to influencers within your niche. — Keep your users close, but your influencers closer

Stephen Shaw, An Artful Science (follow @anartfulscience)
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I’ve been a fully paid up Godin disciple since the first IdeaVirus gave me nappy rash. Online marketing guru Neil Patel is someone to admire in action. SEO gurus like Cyrus Shepard; search engine algorithm analysts like David Harry; or link master builders like Brian Dean get my vote too.

But what makes me follow them? Sign up to their blogs? Read their newsletters? Apply their ideas in my work?

Two reasons:

  • Other people follow and link to their sites (like I just did) because they are experts in their fields
  • They have a lot of high-value stuff to say and not just on their services but about the work of their peers/rivals and the future of their respective industries

In short, they are tribe-leading authorities. And I’m not alone in loving them for it: search engines adore authorities too. So how do you bag some of that authority aura for yourself?

Here are my 6 steps to turning you — and your brand — into a levitating, industry-defining Yoda:

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